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Digital Controlled Parking Zones


Since the Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) were implemented in 2010, Chichester District Council (CDC) has been issuing paper permits to residents and other motorists for their parking. Permits are then checked by patrolling Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) to ensure that only those who are permitted to park are using the parking space within the CPZs.

West Sussex County Council (WSCC) have requested the move to digital permits. Through feedback from our customers, we understand that having the ability to manage permits online will be a great improvement. Digital permits are being introduced via MiPermit, the council's digital parking system. This system has been in place for several years and already facilitates a growing number of cashless payments in car parks, season tickets and two controlled parking zones.

When will digital permits be introduced?

From 4 July 2023, customers will gradually move over to MiPermit digital permits and paper permits will no longer be issued.

This will also include paper Resident Visitor Permit (RVPs) which historically have been issued by the council in books and will no longer be available to purchase.

Customers will not move over to the digital MiPermit system until their permits are due to be renewed or a change is required to the permit e.g. a registration update.

Where will digital permits be introduced?

Zones E, F, G, H, H2, J, K, L, M, N and O.

Zones A and S are already digital.

What roads and streets are included?

Please visit the what zone am I in? page to check.

Please see the map of the Controlled Parking Zones (opens new window) (CPZs) in Chichester.

Why are digital permits being introduced?

There have been many advances in technology within the parking sector and these are designed to provide more flexibility to the permit holder. Authorities are also always looking to find ways to provide value for money and reduce our impact on the environment, this digital system assists with these important objectives. 

Parking Services administer on-street permits on behalf of the Highway Authority, WSCC. WSCC has successfully worked with other local authorities across the County to introduce MiPermit digital permits and the system has many benefits.

What are the benefits of digital permits?

  • Provides 24/7 access to manage permits online via a secure account
  • There are no permit replacement charges
  • Customers no longer need to wait for permits / replacement permits to be posted
  • Reduces our impact on the environment
  • Permits cannot be lost, stolen or fall from view in the vehicle
  • There is no longer a need to display a permit in a vehicle
  • Customers no longer need to make time to visit / contact the council because a permit can be managed online

When will permit holders move over to the MiPermit digital system?

The introduction of digital permits is being phased from the 4 July 2023 and the following customers will be moved to the digital system; 

  • New customers
  • Customers who receive a renewal reminder when their permit is due to expire
  • Customers who apply for a change of registration or who have lost their permit.

What can I expect when transferring to the new digital system?

Parking Services will send all customers with exiting permits, renewal reminder emails / letters when the permit is due to expire. You do not need to do anything until you receive the information. This will include all the details needed to complete a new MiPermit application. Until this time, the paper permit should continue to be displayed clearly in the windscreen.

From 4 July 2023, we will no longer issue any new paper permits.

Once an application has been reviewed by Parking Services and notification has been sent to advise the application has been successful, it is then the responsibility of the permit holder, to administer the permit using MiPermit.

We recommend customers download the MiPermit app (opens new window) where you can carry out some functions relating to permits.

How does it work?

Digital permits work in a similar way to paper permits in that an application must be submitted for council approval. A permit holder will have a MiPermit account which can be used to apply for, renew and manage permits. Renewal reminders will be sent to an email address only which was provided within the application. Although a reminder will be emailed, it is still advisable to make a calendar note of the expiry date of your permit.

Like many paper permits, vehicle registration marks (VRMs) can be assigned to a MiPermit account. Only one VRM can be active at one time on a permit but depending on the permit type, customers can make changes to the vehicles logged against a permit and sometimes, log up to three on an account. A permit holder/driver needs to ensure that the vehicle parking within the zone has the correct active registration on the digital permit.

Civil Enforcement Officers will continue to check that vehicles have valid permits by verifying the VRM against any active permit records.

What types of digital permits can be purchased?

The following types of Digital Permits are available to purchase on MiPermit:

  • Resident Permits can be purchased by residents living within the Controlled Parking Zones (PCZ)
  • Resident Visitor Permits can be purchased by residents living within the CPZ to enable visitors to park within a specific zone.
  • Non-Resident Permits can be purchased by anyone wishing to park within a specific road within the CPZ, subject to availability.  Please our Non-Resident Permit page for up to date availability.
  • Carer Permits are available for residents to purchase for their Carers. Carers can be family members/friends or paid carers.
  • Charity Permits are available to certified charitable organisations working within the CPZ and/or those regularly visiting residents.
  • Dispensations (Green and Red) can be applied for by trades people who require parking close to a property in order to carry out works: Green dispensations enable parking in pay and display, permit holder, limited waiting or shared use bay. Red dispensations enable parking on yellow line waiting restrictions.
  • Traders Permits are available to traders working within the CPZ who own a vehicle which has an 'operational need' to park nearby so that a regular delivery service can be maintained i.e. the permit is necessary for the efficient running of the business. Such traders will normally include butchers, bakers and fishmongers etc who load and distribute fresh produce locally. The traders should require constant access to a delivery vehicle throughout the day.
  • Healthcare Permits are available to people or companies within the Chichester District working within the healthcare services and who need to visit patients in their homes within the CPZ.

I don't have internet access

We work hard to ensure that we provide good value and efficient services and that we reduce the paper being used so online services assist us to meet these objectives. However, it is recognised that some customers may not have access to online services and therefore are able to provide paper applications and assistance for these customers. Customers can contact our Customer Services Team on 01243 534500 for advice.

How will I contact MiPermit?

MiPermit can be contacted in a number of ways. By phone, email, or online contact form.

Changing a vehicle registration mark (VRM)

If you have more than one registration assigned to your MiPermit account. You can change a registration in a number of ways:

  • You can download the MiPermit app (opens new window) to your smart phone. Click the menu button (3 stacked horizontal lines) whilst logged in to reveal the permits option, select this and then edit, add in your new registration and save.
  • You can login to your MiPermit account (opens new window), and from the 'Manage Digital Permits' option select the season ticket and click on edit registrations. You will need to enter your vehicle registration mark and save.
  • You can call MiPermit on 0345 520 7007.
  • You can email: Please note that if you email MiPermit it will not be updated immediately so the other options are preferable.

If you need to add a new vehicle registration mark (VRM) to your MiPermit account you can do this by logging in to your MiPermit account (opens new window), clicking on buy digital permits and then permit 'Vehicle Registration Changes'.

Download the MiPermit app

We encourage you to download the MiPermit app. Using the app is the easiest way to activate a resident visitor permit or change a registration. To download the app, please visit MiPermit help page (opens new window)

I have more questions, who can I talk to?

Please take a moment to review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).