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Resident permits

West Sussex County Council is the authority responsible for on-street parking provision. Parking Services at Chichester District Council process and issue permits on their behalf.

Apply for or renew a resident permit

We are no longer selling or renewing permits at East Pallant House and any visit to the council offices will be redirected to our online services. Some customers may not have access to online services. If you do not have access, we will provide paper applications and help. Customers can contact our Customer Services Team on 01243 534500 for advice.

ZonesApply for or renew a resident permitWhat type of permit will I receive?
A, E, F, G, H, H2, J, K, L, M, N, O and SApply for or renew a resident permit (opens new window)

A digital permit. A notification email will be sent when the permit is active,only then can you use your digital permit. There is nothing to display in the vehicle when using digital permits.

Resident permit costs

Residents parking zone

Annual charge

Six month charge

Low emission vehicles annual charge

Low emission vehicles 6 months charge

Operational times


First Permit £58  Additional Permit £116

First Permit £31  Additional Permit £61

First Permit £44  Additional Permit £87

First Permit £24  Additional Permit £46

09:00 - 17:00


First Permit £58  Additional Permit £116

First Permit £31  Additional Permit £61

First Permit £44  Additional Permit £87

First Permit £24  Additional Permit £46

09.00 - 21.00

H2, N (part day)

First Permit £49  Additional Permit £98

First Permit £26  Additional Permit £52

First Permit £37  Additional Permit £74

First Permit £20  Additional Permit £39

10:00 - 11:00 & 14:00 - 15:00

A (part day)

First Permit £49  Additional Permit £98First Permit £26  Additional Permit £52First Permit £37  Additional Permit £74First Permit £20  Additional Permit £3909:00 - 10:00 & 13:00 - 14:00

City Centre E

First Permit £209  Additional Permit £260

First Permit £110  Additional Permit £137

First Permit £157  Additional Permit £195

First Permit £83  Additional Permit £103

09:00 - 17:30

What is a resident parking scheme?

Resident Parking Schemes are designed to:

  • manage on-street parking
  • improve safety and access
  • raise the commercial viability of town and city centres
  • protect the amenities of residents in the adjacent areas
  • encourage motorists to review their journeys and consider alternative modes of travel

The demand for parking spaces exceeds supply in some zones. Resident permits are an effective way of helping manage parking in these areas.

Controlled Parking Zones

There are 13 Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ's) in Chichester.

Customers living in CPZs can purchase permits to park in a zone. 

The Controlled Parking Zones in Chichester are zones A, E, F, G, H, H2, J, K, L, M, N, O and S. To find out what zone your property see Resident permits - what zone am I in? .

For information relating to Controlled Parking Zones, please see the West Sussex County Council - Controlled parking zones (opens new window) website.

Who can buy a resident permit?

In order to buy a resident permit:

  • you must live at a property within a zone 
  • the property must be your main place of residency 
  • you must be a full time resident of the address requested 
  • your vehicle must be registered to the named address

Not every property which is within a Controlled Parking Zone is eligible for parking permits.

For example, Multiple Occupancy Developments or properties which have been redeveloped do not qualify for resident parking permits.

Supporting information

Registering for a MiPermit Account

To register for a MiPermit account and apply for a resident permit, you will need:

  • your council tax account number; and,
  • the supporting evidence outlined below. 

Please visit our MiPermit Digital Parking for ways to create and access a MiPermit account.

    What evidence will I need to provide for a permit?

    We can accept evidence in PDF format, or a clear photograph of the documents can be uploaded.

    We require the following evidence:

    • Proof of residency. This can be council tax, domestic/utilities bills, tenancy agreements or bank statement (dated within the last 3 months). These must show your name and address.
    • (If you have a blue badge) a copy of both sides of your blue badge.
    • (if you are a student) a copy of student card.
    • Proof of ownership of the vehicle - V5 Log book. Your vehicle must be registered to the named address. 
    • If the V5 doesn't state your name and current address, then your Insurance Policy document may be accepted. This needs to show the vehicle registration number, your name and the correct address . We may withdraw the permit if the V5 is not sent to Parking Services within 14 days of the application.

    Without the correct evidence we may not be able to authorise a permit and reserve the right to refuse an application.

    Company car requirements

    If your vehicle is owned by your employer and the V5 is in the name of the company, we will also require:

    • A letter on headed paper from the company manager (not the applicant) stating that the vehicle is allocated to you for your exclusive use as an employee.

    Hire car requirements

    If your vehicle is owned by a leasing/hiring company, we will also require:

    • The lease/hire agreement is required in place of the V5.

    Cars not registered to your address requirements

    If the vehicle you drive is owned by a family member or friend, we will require:

    • Insurance document detailing you as a named driver.
    • A Copy of the V5.
    • A letter/statement from the registered keeper that you are the main user and the vehicle is left at your property.  

    Student requirements

    If you are a student, we will also require:

    • A tenancy agreement (of at least 6 months) relating to a property within the zone.
    • A valid student card.

    Some students may not be able to provide the necessary evidence to support an application for a students permit. Alternatively, residents visitor permits may be available to purchase.

    How to use a resident permit

    All permit holders agree to the terms and conditions when purchasing a permit. These contain important information about the permit and how to use it.

    • A resident permit can be used in any vacant on-street resident / permit holder parking bay or shared use parking bay within a particular zone. A permit does not guarantee a space and parking may not be found in the same road as a resident's property.
    • Controlled Parking Zones are indicated through signage and sometimes road markings too so we always advise to check these prior to parking.
    • Only one vehicle can use a permit at one time. The vehicle which is parking should always be active on the permit. Up to 3 registrations can be logged against a permit providing the correct vehicle documentation can be supplied for each vehicle.
    • Paper permits must be displayed clearly in the vehicle. There is nothing to display with a digital permit because all the information is held against the vehicle registration.
    • Residents can also buy resident visitor permits for their visitors. To find out more about RVPs please visit our Resident Visitor Permit page.
    • If a resident permit is no longer required, Parking Services should be informed immediately.
    • Customers in all zones can use MiPermit's digital system to manage permits.

    Low emission vehicle discount for resident permit holders

    Applicants with low emission vehicles are entitled to a discount on resident permits.

    • Proof of the low emissions needs to be supplied when applying for a resident permit.
    • We also require copies of the front and second page of the V5 document.

    Resident permits for blue badge holders

    If you own a blue badge, you are able to obtain a first resident permit free of charge.

    We require the following evidence:

    • Proof of ownership of the vehicle.
    • Proof of residency.
    • Copies of both sides of the valid blue badge.

    Change of registration / Additional vehicle registrations / Lost permits

    Where a permit change is required, you will need to provide evidence to support your application.

    Digital permit holders

    To apply to have a vehicle registration changed on an existing digital permit, visit MiPermit online (opens new window) and click on Permit Vehicle Registration Changes.

    Paper permit holders

    As customers are moved over to digital on-street permits, any changes to a paper will permit well require a refund. This refund application will be for any whole months remaining. A new application must then be made through MiPermit online (opens new window) .

    Note that any change requests made will need to be approved by the Parking Services team, please take into account:

    • When your permit change request has been approved you will receive an email notification.
    • The permit holder must allow at least 3 working days for these requests to be processed and also consider council opening hours, Bank and Public holidays.
    • Whilst your permit is being updated, you will need to find alternative parking. Or use Resident Visitor Permits to cover your stay (excluding Zone E).

    Resident permit refunds

    Digital permit holders

    To request a refund for all digital permits please contact MiPermit online (opens new window) or call them on 0345 520 7007.

    Paper permit holders

    To request a refund for a paper permit, the permit must be returned to Parking Services. Refunds can only be issued for the remaining full months of the permit and at a minimum of £10.00. This will be payable by BACS transfer to the original payment card and a refund form must be filled out. If the refund needs to be transferred to a different card please fill in this section on the refund form.

    Refund form 2022 (Word doc) [36KB]

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