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City and town visions

Town visions are a way of understanding the issues and aspirations of a town and its communities and turning thoughts and ideas into actions.

With collaboration and confidence building at the heart of the process, Chichester District Council is committed to supporting local towns to create their own visions that will help guide them to success - now and in the future.

Chichester District Council is working in partnership to support the Visions projects being developed and implemented in:

  • Selsey
  • East Wittering and Bracklesham
  • Midhurst
  • Petworth

Chichester Vision

The Chichester Vision with its supporting documents can be viewed and downloaded here.

Comparative Town and City Studies (PDF) [1MB]

Retail Trends Summary (The Retail Group) (PDF) [737KB]

Student Research Report (Chichester University) (PDF) [5MB]

City Centre Audit (Broome Jenkins) (PDF) [4MB]

Chichester Vision - Chichester Tomorrow (PDF) [2MB]

The Visitor Economy of Chichester (TSE research) (PDF) [1MB]

Chichester Revised Tourism Economic Impact Study (Word doc) [114KB]

Economic Development Strategy update 2022-2025 (Word doc) [45KB]

Pallant House Gallery - Economic Impact Assessment (PDF) [874KB]

Tourism Economic Impact study (Word doc) [20KB]

Valuing Chichester Harbour 2009 - Part 2 (PDF) [1MB]

Valuing Chichester Harbour 2009 - Part 1 (PDF) [1MB]


Selsey Vision

Chichester District Council has been working with Selsey Town Council to combine wayfinding information boards for location in East Beach and East Street car parks. The boards will contain:

  • maps leading the viewer between the High Street and East Beach Green.
  • historic and environmental information about Selsey
  • links to the Destination Selsey website using QR codes.

The project was agreed by the full council of Selsey Town Council in December 2020. Work is underway to define the content of the boards for approval by Selsey Town Council.

East Wittering and Bracklesham Vision (BREW Vision)

Chichester District Council has been working with East Wittering & Bracklesham Parish Council on the BREW Vision (opens new window). The BREW Vision consists of the East Wittering & Bracklesham Village Centres improvements and landscaping project.

The public consultation phase of the project has ended.

All responses has been inserted into a document. Priority projects are now being considered by East Wittering & Bracklesham Parish Council.

Four workshops are planned for mid-September. These workshops are to help refine the responses to suggestions for:

  • Booker Green; East Wittering town centre; Bracklesham town centre; transport.

Following this final stage of the consultation, the BREW-Vision project document will then be complete.

Midhurst Vision

Chichester District Council has been working with:

  • Midhurst Vision Partnership;
  • Midhurst Town Council, and;
  • other key stakeholders to help develop the agreed Midhurst Vision projects.

Midhurst Vision Partnership has now appointed a Landscape Architect practice. Deacon Design has been appointed:

  • To help develop the Vision projects.
  • Scope a wayfinding plan.
  • Articulate a strong and coherent sense of place for the town.
  • Supporting with design template and design proposals.

Deacon Design started work in September 2021.

For further information, visit Midhurst Vision (opens new window).

Petworth Vision

Petworth Vision are developing a number of projects for the benefit of the town. These projects include the creation of a dedicated website and design of a logo for the Petworth Heritage Partnership. This will go live in mid -November.

The Heritage partnership is comprised of the following organisations:

  • St Mary's Church
  • United Reformed Church
  • The Leconfield Hall
  • Sacred Heart Church
  • The Old Railway Station
  • Petworth & District Community Association
  • Petworth Vision CIC
  • The Petworth Society
  • Petworth Business Association and the Petworth Town Band

Chichester District Council has provided some match funding to this project. The aim is to promote these organisations together on one dedicated website. This will help:

  • showcase Petworth's large number of heritage sites in a more efficient way,
  • encourage greater community engagement.
  • and increase visitor numbers into the town.

The ongoing maintenance of the new website will be funded by:

  • donations raised during the Heritage Week-Ends, and
  • from donations throughout the year.

Petworth Vision will also be running computer training for residents of Petworth and the surrounding areas. It is being promoted as an IT café, located at the United Reform Church.

Training will include:

  • online banking and shopping,
  • use of Zoom and Skype
  • IT Security.

There are two morning sessions a week from September 2021 to September 2022.

Chichester District Council has provided some match funding for both of these projects.

For further information, visit Petworth Vision (opens new window).