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Textiles and small electrical collections

We are currently trialling a free kerbside collection service for your unwanted textiles and broken small electrical items.

The trial will initially cover approximately 75% of households in Chichester District and has been designed to make recycling at home even easier. The trial started in July 2021 and we will look at options later this year to see if this is something that can be rolled out to the whole of the district.

As part of the trial we are also introducing a coffee pod recycling service in partnership with Podback. 

These collections are bookable online and not conducted by your normal waste or recycling crew. Collections may be different from your normal bin day.

How does the textile and small electrical collection service work?

To use this service, follow our step-by-step guide and help us to recycle your items:

  1. Check it - Check to see if your item is accepted below.
  2. Book it - Book your collection. 
  3. Bag it - Place your items in an old, standard size plastic carrier bag making sure to keep textiles and small electricals separate and tie it securely.
  4. Recycle it - Leave your bag outside at your normal collection point where it is clearly visible from the roadside, or communal bin area, by 7 am on the booked collection day.
  5. Let us do the rest - The dedicated crew will collect the bags on your requested day for sorting and recycling. Please remember collections are not conducted by your normal waste or recycling crew.

Please do not leave bags out overnight. If the items become wet, we are unable to recycle them and won't be able to collect your bags as part of this service.

What do we collect?

Book a free textile or small electrical collection



CategoryWhat we collect
ClothingAny used clean dry clothing items



Duvet covers


Paired Shoes





Tea Towels


Textiles we cannot currently accept:

  • Soiled or wet clothing
  • Carpets or rugs
  • Duvets and pillows
  • Face masks
  • Books
  • Bric-a-Brac
  • Metal, glass or sharp objects
  • General waste

Small electricals

CategoryWhat we collect
Small household appliances

Air purifiers, fresheners and diffusers (please remove perfume or oil)

Automatic peelers, can openers and jar openers

Blenders, smoothie makers and juicers

Clocks, including alarm clocks

Coffee machines, including grinders

Electric blankets

Extension cables and leads

Fans (e.g. small desk fan)

Fan Heaters

Handheld vacuum cleaners, dust busters and hand held steam cleaners

Ice cream machine




Toasters, including sandwich toasters and grills

Travel adaptor

Disposable Vapes (e.g. Elf bars)


Bike lights

Ceiling lights

Christmas tree, fairy and string lights

Desk and table lamps

Torches (remove any batteries)

Wall lights

Personal grooming

Bathroom scales

Epilators and electric shavers and trimmers

Hair clippers

Hairstyling tools (including hairdryers, straighteners, tongs and ceramic rollers)

Electric toothbrush


Electronic toys and games

Games consoles and controllers

Phones and Accessories

Answering machines

Landline phones



Visual and Audio Equipment

Cameras and camcorders




MP3 Players and iPods

Musical instruments


Small speakers and stereo systems

IT and accessories

DVD players

Keyboards, mouses and headsets

Remote controls

Small printers, scanners and fax machines


WIFI routers

Monitoring and Control Instruments

Baby monitors

Carbon monoxide detectors

SMART energy screens (less than 6" diameter)

Smoke alarms/detectors

Thermostats/temperature control devices

Timers (including cooking timers and light timers)

Small Electricals we cannot accept:

  • Batteries (please ensure you remove all batteries before recycling any devices)
  • Microwave ovens
  • Energy saving lightbulbs and florescent tubes
  • Glass or ceramic items (e.g. slow cookers, glass kettles, etc.)
  • Larger printers (including those with scanners), ink cartridges and toners
  • Televisions and screens
  • Items that are bigger than a standard sized carrier bag

For large items please visit our Bulky household waste collection page for further information. 


Frequently asked questions

Do I have to book a collection to take part in this scheme?

Yes. Please book a collection online so the crew know to collect your bags. The service is provided by a dedicated crew and the bags will not be collected by your normal waste or recycling crews. 

Can I use any bags?

Yes you can. Please place small electricals and textiles in an old, standard size plastic carrier bag. Please make sure to keep textiles and small electricals separate by placing them in different bags.

Where do I put my bags for collection?

Please leave your bags outside at your normal collection point where it is clearly visible from the roadside, or communal bin area, by 7am on the booked collection day.

Can I put textiles and small electricals in the same bag?

No. Please make sure that textiles and small electricals are placed in separate bags to ensure your items are recycled.

My bags have not been collected. What do I do?

Your bag will not be collected if:

  • the items are wet, or;
  • if they contain items that we cannot collect

Please also check to make sure your items:

  • were placed at your normal collection point;
  • are clearly visible, and;
  • on your booked collection day. 

If we have missed your bag(s) please contact us on: 01243 785166 or email

What happens to the material collected?

The textiles we collect as part of this scheme are processed in the West Midlands. All items are graded and sorted according to their condition. Clothes in good condition are exported for re-wear to over 70 different countries. Items that cannot be re-worn are recycled to make insulation for cars and houses.

Small electrical items are processed at a specialist facility which breaks down the component parts and then recycles them into something new.

I live in a property with a shared communal bin. Can I still participate?

Yes. If you live in a flat or communal property with shared bins you can still participate in this trial service. Please book a collection online as normal and leave your bags in your communal bin store on your designated collection day. Please make sure that your bags are visible without becoming a trip hazard for other residents who use the bin store.

Why am I not included in the 75% trial area?

Unfortunately, we are only able to trial this service in 75% of the district. If you are not eligible, you can still recycle your items by taking them to your nearest Recycling Centre (opens new window). Once the trial is complete, we will be looking to see if this is something we could potentially roll out to the whole of the district so that even more people can benefit.

Are there other ways to make use of my unwanted textiles?

If they are in good condition, we would encourage you to consider donating these to one of the many fantastic charities in our district. The focus of this trial is to help residents recycle as much as possible. This trial collect items charities may not be able to accept, such as old and worn clothing.

Are there other ways to make use of my unwanted small electricals?

If they are in good condition, we'd encourage you to consider donating these to one of the many fantastic charities in our district where they can find a new home. Alternatively, it is always preferable to try and repair something rather than recycling it.