We are currently trialling a free kerbside collection service for your used coffee pods.

The trial will cover approximately 75% of households in Chichester District and has been designed to make recycling at home even easier. The trial started in July 2021 and we will look at options later this year to see if this is something that can be rolled out to the whole of the district.

As part of this service, we are also offering collections of textiles and small electrical items.

These collections are bookable online and not conducted by your normal waste or recycling crew. Collections may be different from your normal bin day.


How does the coffee pod collection service work?

To use this service, follow our step-by-step guide and help us to recycle your coffee pods:

  1. Order it - register at the Podback website and order your kerbside recycling bags.
  2. Book it - book your free one off or reoccurring collection online.
  3. Drain it - drain the used pods of any liquid before placing in the Podback recycling bag. Be careful as contents may be hot.
  4. Fill it - fill your Podback bag with your used pods. Do not fill above the dotted line on the bag.
  5. Tie it - tie the bag so the contents stay dry and secure.
  6. Recycle it - place the bag outside at your normal collection point where it is clearly visible by 7am on the booked collection day.

Book a free coffee pod collection

Check your coffee pod collection day

If you have booked a regular coffee pod collection you can check your coffee pod collection day.

Please let us know if you need to change or cancel your collection.


Frequently asked questions

Can I recycle any brand of coffee pod?

The following aluminium and plastic pods are participating brands:

  • Nespresso
  • Nescafé Dolce Gusto
  • Starbucks by Nespresso
  • Starbucks by Nescafé Dolce Gusto
  • Tassimo
  • L'OR
  • CruKafe
  • Artisan Coffee Co
  • Allpress Espresso
  • Colonna Coffee
  • Café Palmieri by Jomad Coffee.

These brands are accepted and can be recycled through the Podback programme. This includes coffee, hot chocolate and tea pods. To find out more visit the Podback website.


Can I recycle hot chocolate and tea drink pods?

Yes. You can recycle any type of:

  • Nespresso
  • Nescafé Dolce Gusto
  • Starbucks by Nespresso
  • Starbucks by Nescafé Dolce Gusto
  • Tassimo
  • L'OR
  • CruKafe
  • Artisan Coffee Co
  • Allpress Espresso
  • Colonna Coffee
  • Café Palmieri by Jomad Coffee drinks pods


Do I need to remove the used coffee grounds before putting them into the Podback recycling bag?

No. The coffee grounds are removed from the pods later in the recycling process. These are then used to create soil improver and renewable energy.

However, please remember to drain the used pods of any liquid before placing in the Podback recycling bag. Be careful as the contents may be hot.


Can I put aluminium and plastic pods in the same bag?

No. Please keep the different types of pods separate so they can be sent to the correct reprocessing facility.

There are two different bags:

  • A white one for aluminium pods.
  • A teal one for plastic pods.

If you use both aluminium and plastic pods you should order both types of bags when you register with Podback .


Will I automatically receive Podback recycling bags?

No. To use this service, please register at the Podback website  and order your free recycling bags. Podback will send your bags and instructions in the post.


Can I use any bag to recycle my used pods?

No. To take part in the Podback kerbside recycling collection scheme, you must use the recycling bags provided by Podback. You can order the bags for free at Podback.


How many used pods will fit into the recycling bags?

The quantity of pods will depend on the brand of pods you use. Please follow the instructions on the bag and fill it to the dotted line ensuring that the pods are drained of any liquid.


Do I have to book a collection?

Yes. Please book a collection online so the crew know to collect your bags. The service is provided by a dedicated crew and the bags will not be collected by your normal waste or recycling crews. 


My bags have not been collected. What do I do?

Your bag will not be collected if it contains the wrong materials or is filled with liquids. If the bags do contain the wrong materials or lots of liquid, please remove these before putting them out on your next booked collection day.

Please also check to make sure you had booked your collection successfully and had placed your bags out by 7am at your normal collection point where they are clearly visible, on your booked day.

If we have missed your bag(s), please contact 01243 785166 or email wasteandrecycling@chichester.gov.uk



How do I get more bags?

Once you have registered, you will automatically receive a new supply of bags from Podback every six months.


I drink coffee regularly and don't want to book a collection every two weeks. Can this be done automatically?

Yes. We offer a reoccurring collection for coffee pod users. Please book your collection online and select the regular ongoing collections button when asked what you would like to book. This will then schedule you for reoccurring collections fortnightly.


I live in a property with a shared communal bin. Can I still participate?

Yes. If you live in a flat or communal property with shared bins you can still participate in this trial service. Please book a collection online as normal and leave your bags in your communal bin store on your designated collection day. Please make sure that your bags are visible without becoming a trip hazard for other residents who use the bin store.


Why am I not included in the 75% trial area?

Unfortunately, we are only able to trial this service in 75% of the district. If you don't have access to a kerbside collection you can use the Podback 'Drop off' service,  please visit Podback for more information .

Once the trial is complete, we will be looking to see if this is something we could potentially roll out to the whole of the district so that even more people can benefit.


Can I use the Collect+ bags for the kerbside collection service?

No. Please use the Podback recycling bags that are designed for the kerbside collections. If you book a Collect+ recycling option from Podback, you will be sent a recycling bag specifically for this type of collection. You need to follow the online instructions, print a label, and return it to a Collect+ store.


Can I take my coffee pods to the recycling centre for recycling?

No. Please do not take your used coffee pods to the recycling centres or banks as you can only recycle your coffee pods through our kerbside collection service. If you are not included in the trial area, please  visit Podback for alternative ways to recycle your coffee pods .

How are coffee pods recycled?

Discover what happens to your pods on their recycling journey by watching Podback's short reprocessing video

Youtube - Podback: How your coffee pods are recycled