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Coffee pod recycling with Podback

Use our free collection service to recycle your coffee pods. We've partnered with Podback to offer this simple service designed to make recycling at home even easier.

We are currently operating the service on a trial basis to approximately 75% of households in Chichester District. As part of this service, we are also offering collections of textiles and small electrical items.

These collections are bookable online and not conducted by your normal waste or recycling crew. Collections may be different from your normal bin day.

How does the coffee pod collection service work?

It's easy to get involved. Follow our step-by-step guide to help us to recycle your coffee pods:

  1. Sign up and order your free kerbside recycling bags on the Podback website.
  2. Podback will send you two rolls of bags and an instruction leaflet within 7 - 10 working days. Each roll has 13 bags on it.
  3. When at least one of your bags is full, click the button below to book your free collection.
  4. On your booked collection day, leave your bag(s) out at your normal collection point where it is clearly visible by 7am and our team will come and collect it.

Book a free coffee pod collection

How are coffee pods recycled?

The coffee pods you recycle with Podback are taken to specialist aluminium and plastics reprocessing plants in the UK, so your pod doesn't have to travel far before it's transformed into something new. The pods are shredded to remove the coffee and the empty pods are reprocessed and used in the manufacture of new products.

Recycled aluminium pods are used in the manufacture of beverage cans and car components.

Recycled plastic pods are used to make a range of products including furniture and industrial packaging.

The coffee grounds are sent for anaerobic digestion, a process which creates renewable energy (biogas) and soil improver.

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