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Supplier FAQs

Why implement a policy of No PO, No Pay?

The No PO, No Pay Policy will ensure that the council only pays for goods, services and works which have been correctly ordered and authorised. It should also increase the efficiency of the council's procure-to-pay process and reduce processing costs for the Council.

Will I be paid any quicker if I quote a PO number?

Invoices sent directly to and must quote a valid PO number. Compliant invoices will then automatically be matched to the order and once the goods or services are confirmed as received, a payment will be made to the supplier. Invoices that are not sent directly to may be subject to delays in payment. Invoices that do not quote a valid PO number will not be paid and will be returned to the supplier for correction.

What is the PO number sequence for Chichester District Council?

All Valid PO numbers for Chichester District Council are in the format XXXNNNNNN where 'X' is a letter and 'N' is a number. Please also see the Emergency Ordering procedure below.

Past invoices without a PO number have been paid by Chichester District Council. Will this still happen?

No. To be paid, all invoices received after 1st January 2020 must quote a valid purchase order number. The council has a very short list of agreed exceptions to the No PO No pay policy. We are making all Council Officers aware of these agreed exceptions on a case by case basis. Suppliers should assume they are not part of this agreed exception list unless contacted by Exchequer Services to confirm inclusion. It is the supplier's responsibility to ensure they request a valid PO number before accepting any order for goods and services to be supplied to Chichester District Council.

What should I do now?

Please ensure that you do not accept any verbal or written order from a Council Officer unless a valid PO number is given or there is a valid use of the emergency ordering procedure below.

Can I accept 'Emergency Orders'?

In exceptional circumstances, a retrospective Emergency Order can be issued. These would only be for Health & Safety emergency situations i.e. to mitigate flooding etc.

Where can I email my invoice for payment?

The email address to send your invoice for payment is All invoices must be addressed to: Exchequer Services Chichester District Council, East Pallant House, 1 East Pallant, Chichester, West Sussex PO19 1TY. Under no circumstances should invoices be addressed or sent to named Council officers, Directorates, Sections or employees. If suppliers quote a named individual on an invoice, they will be requested to amend the supplier details on their system to refer to the above details.

An invoice has been returned requesting a valid PO number be quoted. How can this be obtained?

You should contact the member of staff who gave the original instruction to supply the goods / services and ask them to provide a valid PO number. When obtained, you should send a replacement invoice, quoting the valid PO number to the email address above. For future transactions, you should ensure that a purchase order is requested and obtained at the point of accepting the order for the goods or services.

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