Road closures (temporary)

If you are organising an event on a street (such as a parade, public procession, street market or fete) you may require a Temporary Road Closure Order.

Chichester District Council can make an order to close a road temporarily if it is likely to be thronged or obstructed.

You can apply for an Order by downloading the application form. Please also refer to the guidance and checklist document.

word icon Application form - temporary road closure [54kb]

pdf icon Guidance and checklist for road closures (temporary) [78kb]

Temporary Road Closure Orders for planned roadworks, building works being carried out on or near the road or larger public events, such as sporting events are dealt with by West Sussex County Council - Closures and diversions .

Please allow at least eight weeks for processing.

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee

The nation celebrates the Platinum Jubilee of the Queen between Thursday 2 June and Sunday 5 June 2022.

You can find out  how you can get involved for The Queen's Platinum Jubilee, 2022 .

Street Party to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee:

A Street Party is organised by and for residents in one or two small streets without external publicity.

If you are organising a public event on a major road please complete the Application form for a Temporary Road Closure or contact Democratic Services if you are not sure. 

Please note all applications must be submitted to Democratic Services by 5pm on Wednesday 20 April 2022.

Applications received after this date will not be granted.

Street parties

If you are planning a street party in your road, we have produced all the information you need to organise your event.

What is a street party?

This is a self-organised event for residents and neighbours comprising up to 50 houses/200 people. (Assuming 4 people in each household) No licences are normally necessary if music is incidental and no selling of alcohol is involved. Publicity for the street party must be limited to residents only.

I am unsure whether the event is a street party and need further advice

We understand this can be confusing. If you are unsure please click on the Larger Public Events document for more information.

What do I need to do first?

To help plan your event please read the FAQ/checklist and complete the application form to start the process or download the Street party Application Pack which contains all the relevant information detailed on our website.

word icon Application form for a Street Party [84kb]

word icon Street Parties - Temporary Road Closure Guidance [56kb]

Road maintenance

West Sussex County Council is responsible for the maintenance of public roads. For information regarding road works, to report a fault on the highway or for general road safety, please visit the West Sussex County Council website.

Street lights

Street lighting is generally the responsibility of West Sussex County Council , but we currently maintain:

  • 12 lights at the lower end of College Lane Footway
  • 11 lights in Leatherbottle Lane
  • 1 light in both Church Road and Stirling Road Cul-de-Sac

Street name plates

The council is responsible for ensuring that the name of every street is clearly marked using suitable street nameplates. This is a duty under the Public Health Act 1925 and the council has powers to place street nameplates on private properties if required.

pdf icon Street Naming, Numbering and Street Name Plate Policy [344kb]

In the case of a new development however, it is the developer who is responsible for the erection of nameplates to the council's specification.

Order estimations

We currently order new or replacement street nameplates on a monthly basis in order to keep costs down. This means that on average it will take 6-8 weeks from a request being made to the sign being erected. House numbers must also be displayed so they can be clearly read from the roadside and this applies to any names that form part of the address as well.

All new street nameplates replaced by the council will have the Chichester District Council logo on.

If you have a query or would like to report a missing or damaged street nameplate, please complete the following online form.

Please Note: Chichester City Council  is responsible for all Street Nameplate queries for the Chichester Parish Area. Please contact them directly if your query falls within this.

Temporary play street orders

What are Temporary Play Streets?

A Temporary Play Street is a resident-led, outdoor free street play activity for the purpose of children's play. It is independent from the council and requires parent/adult supervision to ensure children's safety. The road is temporarily closed and car access is restricted (but not stopped - residents take turns to 'steward' cars needing access to or from their properties). Suitable 'Play Streets' streets are preferably quiet residential roads or cul-de-sacs and should be closed until no later than sunset. To find out more visit the Playing Out website .

What do I need to do first?

To help plan your event please read the guidance and consult with residents, please complete the application form:

word icon Guidance on applications for a Temporary Play Street Order [44kb]

word icon Template Consultation Letter to residents [15kb]

word icon Application for Temporary Play Street Order [57kb]

Please allow at least eight weeks for processing.