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Memorial trees

We have moved away from installing memorial benches in favour of planting trees.  Benches can become worn and in time require replacing.  Trees on the other hand symbolise positivity. They also support biodiversity and climate change and can be enjoyed by generations to come.


There are a few restrictions on where we can plant trees. This depends on location and the species. We do not offer commemorative trees in cemeteries, but we can help you find an alternative location.

We keep to species that are in line with our management plans and landscape designs. The species and type of tree you can choose depends on the specific location.

Tree ownership and maintenance

Wherever possible, we try to keep the trees for their entire lifetime and hope that your tree remains in place for many years. However, this cannot be guaranteed.

Sadly, trees fail because of things like the weather or vandalism. If this happens, we will happily discuss replacing the tree, but this remains at our discretion. We look at each case individually and will always discuss any change in circumstances with you.

We retain ownership of the tree. However, it is the responsibility of the donor to make sure it is watered during its first years of planting. As a council, we have what is called, liability of the asset, which means your tree's health and safety will be inspected regularly. This inspection will be taken by our park services team if it is on land accessible to the public.

Applications for memorial trees are processed all year round. Planting normally takes place between November - March. Some applicants may request a planting ceremony. This can be arranged at no extra cost during normal working hours. Prior notification of a planting ceremony will be necessary.

Please note that we no longer allow plaques to be installed with any new memorial trees.