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Donated trees terms & conditions

General terms and conditions

  • Donated trees are donated for an unlimited period as the location of a tree is considered immovable except in the case of redevelopment of land and land use of which the council has no control over.
  • The council will place the donated tree at a location agreed with the donator however, all locations are approximate and the council will position the donated tree in its final location.
  •  Once donated, the tree becomes the property of the council who will carry out appropriate health and safety inspections as necessary.
  •  The council reserves the right to refuse to accept a donation request or to refuse any request that is deemed inappropriate.
  • The council will not be held accountable for any future works, changes of land use or planning changes to the site or their surrounding area which might cause a donated tree to have to be removed. The council will always endeavour to contact the client beforehand at their last known address.
  • It is the responsibility of the donator to contact the council with any change of address, otherwise the last known address will be used. If the donator remains untraceable, the council is not duty bound to pursue the matter further.
  • Customer must supply the tree and either have it delivered to the council Depot at Westhampnett or arrange for the tree to be delivered to site on the day of planting.
  • Planting strictly takes place between November and March 09:30 - 12:30.


  • The species of tree to be used at any site will be agreed between the council and the donator. There are a variety of sites and tree types available for donation in Chichester. The park/open space however will define the type of tree that can be selected.
  • Consideration of site and species. Consider adding to the dominant existing species per site before thinking of different species. Tips on tree choice - bark interest, flower, fruit, autumn colour, native trees, trees for shade. Height and location - choice of location versus species - consider footpaths, buildings, existing trees, spacing for example. The final decision on species location will be made by CDC Officers.
  • Extra heavy standard or semi mature specimens preferred only.
  • We will prepare the hole, plant, and stake the tree, but welcome public involvement.
  • Aftercare - we will install a slow-release irrigation bag and mulch the tree base. We will replace the stake and ties until the tree is established. Watering of the tree is the responsibility of the customer.
  • Chichester District Council is not responsible for vandalism or tree failure.

Suggested tree types

  • Cherry - Japanese or Native
  • Beech
  • Oaks - Evergreen, English, Red Oak etc.
  • Cedars
  • Lime
  • London Plane
  • Whitebeam
  • Rowan
  • Hawthorn
  • Field Maple
  • Hornbeam
  • Ash  - due to the current situation with Ash die back affecting the UK, Ash trees are not available.

Payments and charges

The current fee for a tree planting is £96.00 for labour and there will be additional charges for materials such as stakes, mulch and irrigation bags.  This will be invoiced accordingly.

Commemoration tributes

  • The donator can be present at the planting of the tree.
  • As a council we recognise that on important dates in the life of a loved one the placing of tributes or memorials is important to the family. However, it is not permitted for permanent tributes to be affixed or placed around the donation.
  •  In order to maintain environmental sensitivity and awareness, the placing of plastic items including flower packaging materials are not permitted. Any plants or other materials left in memory of a loved one will need to be removed from the tree after 2 weeks (14 days). It is the responsibility of the donator to remove the tributes. Please note that we no longer allow plaques to be installed with any new memorial trees.


Applications for memorial trees will be processed all year round, and planting normally takes place between November - March. Some applicants may request a planting ceremony, this can be arranged at no extra cost during normal working hours. Prior notification of a planting ceremony will be necessary.

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