Once completed, 17 new flats will complement the existing accommodation managed by our accommodation team.


Why is this project needed?

We are committed to reducing homelessness in the district, and this is one of a number of initiatives we have introduced to tackle the issue. We know that this project will make a real long-term difference to people.


At what stage is the project and what are the next steps?

Work began in the Spring and we're pleased to say that the project has now reached its first key milestone, with three refurbished flats now ready for use in our existing accommodation. Work is also coming along quickly in the new building, which will provide a further 17 new flats. All of the work is due to be completed early next year.

In keeping with the council's commitment to protecting and enhancing our local environment, we're very proud of the sustainability features that form an important part of this project. Solar panels have been installed on the roof of the new building to generate renewable electricity and two electric charging points are being provided to encourage more people to use electric vehicles and to support existing electric vehicle drivers. Bird and bat boxes have been installed to provide and support wildlife habitats, and we'll be installing environmentally friendly bathroom appliances to help reduce water wastage, for example through the use of aerated taps.

Construction company, W.Stirland Ltd, are working with us to make this project a reality. Shaun Stirland, Managing Director of W.Stirland Ltd, says, "We couldn't be more delighted to be working with the council on this existing project. As a family owned business, based locally in Birdham within the Chichester District, we are delighted to have been appointed to undertake the development at Freeland Close. Being part of the delivery of new short-stay accommodation for residents who really need it makes the project all the more important to us."


What should I do if am homeless or facing homelessness?

If you are homeless, or threated with homelessness, please contact our housing advice team through our housing advice form  and a housing adviser will be in contact with you as soon as possible or within two working days.

You can find out more information about homelessness on our help with homelessness page.

In what ways is the council supporting rough sleepers?


Our Rough Sleeper Outreach Team work hard to help people turn their lives around and access specialist support and new opportunities. Working with local homeless charities - The Four Streets Project, HEART and Stonepillow - the team is working on a number of projects which are having a positive difference on both the individuals concerned and the wider community.

How can I keep up to date about this project?

We will be updating people on the progress of this project on this page, in our residents' magazine Initiatives, on our social media channels and in our email newsletter.  Sign up to news alerts