As a district council we cover an area of 303 square miles, including the City, Petworth, Midhurst and Selsey. We serve 115,000 people. You may not realise it, but you come into contact with our work every day. We provide more than 80 services over every 24 hour period. We empty your bins, check food hygiene standards, license taxis, clean your streets, look after the coastline, care for our parks and open spaces, and provide support and reassurance to the vulnerable. We handle your planning applications and run the off-street car parks.

To find out more about our work, we have a few videos on our  Chichester District Council YouTube channel. 

I can assure you that we use resources wisely and make sure that we spend money on services that matter to you. We also work closely with our partners to ensure that you are receiving quality services that give value for money. We are doing this in a number of ways, from buying together to sharing services. We are always looking for new ways to deliver those services.

As a council we always welcome your views. You can do this in a number of ways, including communicating with us on our social sites, sending us a message on our website, or emailing

  • District dispatch 1

    District Dispatch - 12 October 2021

    Inward investment and helping local businesses to grow and thrive is a key priority for us. We are doing a huge amount of work in this area — from encouraging businesses to relocate here, through to helping entrepreneurs and start-ups expand their businesses.

  • District dispatch 1

    District Dispatch - 06 October 2021

    We are reaching that time of year when we all start to think about Christmas. I'm pleased to tell you that we will be running our Support Local campaign again this year, along with partners across the district, including the Observer series and V2 Radio.

  • District dispatch 1

    District Dispatch - 28 September 2021

    You may have heard last week that the city's vaccination centre has moved from Westgate Leisure Centre to Northgate Car Park.

  • District dispatch 1

    District Dispatch - 21 September 2021

    This week communities across the country are joining together for the Great Big Green Week. As part of the week our council has been sharing lots of tips and information about how we can all make simple changes in our everyday lives to help reduce our carbon footprint.

  • District dispatch 1

    District Dispatch - 14 September 2021

    Last week, I mentioned that we were moving forward with a whole range of housing initiatives and promised to use a future district dispatch to update you further.

  • Cllr. Eileen Lintill

    District Dispatch - 10 September 2021

    I want to thank everyone who attended our Summer Street Party in Chichester last week, which was supported by the Chichester BID. It was a huge success! Local businesses said that it was great to see the city centre full of people enjoying the many activities on offer.

  • District dispatch 1

    District Dispatch - 26 July 2021

    We know that many of our residents are very interested in the Local Plan and our progress with this important piece of work. All councillors will be attending a special meeting on Thursday 29 July at 9.30am over Zoom for an update on the Local Plan Review.

  • District dispatch 1

    District Dispatch - 20 July 2021

    This week, the country has moved to Step 4 of the roadmap - a new phase of continued caution whilst managing the risks of COVID-19. What's important to remember, is that while many legal restrictions have been lifted, Step 4 does not mark the end of the need for caution and restraint. By practising key behaviours we can continue to protect ourselves and others and help stop the virus spreading.

  • Cllr. Eileen Lintill

    District Dispatch - 14 July 2021

    As I am sure that you have heard, the Prime Minister has announced that we will move to Step 4 of the Government's roadmap on Monday 19 July, which will see an end to most legal Covid-19 restrictions.

  • Diane Shepherd

    District Dispatch - 10 June 2021

    More than one million people in Sussex have now received their first vaccination, which is fantastic news! I want to thank all of the NHS staff and volunteers who have made this happen and who are continuing to deliver the rollout of this important step in our return to normality. It's really positive to hear that a new vaccine has also been approved for use in the UK — the Janssen vaccine is the fourth to be authorised by the UK's independent regulator and is the first to be approved for protection against Covid-19 with a single dose.

  • Alan Sutton

    District Dispatch - 5 July 2021

    Housing is a huge issue for the district. Around 1,500 households with a connection to the district — such as people who have been brought up here or who are a key worker in the district — are waiting for a home in our area. Around 40% of these have urgent housing needs.

  • Alan Sutton

    District Dispatch - 5 July 2021

    Housing is a huge issue for the district. Around 1,500 households with a connection to the district — such as people who have been brought up here or who are a key worker in the district — are waiting for a home in our area. Around 40% of these have urgent housing needs.

  • Cllr. Taylor

    District Dispatch - 29 June 2021

    As mentioned previously, I will be occasionally writing the District Dispatch column, to update you on the progress we are making on the Chichester Local Plan Review.

  • Cllr. Taylor

    District Dispatch - 29 June 2021

    As mentioned previously, I will be occasionally writing the District Dispatch column, to update you on the progress we are making on the Chichester Local Plan Review.

  • Diane Shepherd

    District Dispatch - 23 June 2021

    On Monday, we reopened our Customer Services Centre at our offices in East Pallant House with a number of new improvements. Our Customer Service Officers now meet and greet customers to make sure they can quickly access the services that they need.

  • Diane Shepherd

    District Dispatch - 16 June 2021

    The past 15 months have been some of the most challenging any of us have ever faced. I am so proud of our communities, staff, councillors and partners in the way that they have responded to the pandemic. Everyone has supported one another, whether that's offering to pick up someone's shopping, volunteering at the vaccination centres, or supporting our amazing local businesses.

  • Diane Shepherd

    District Dispatch - 1 June 2021

    I hope that you all had an enjoyable bank holiday weekend and managed to catch up with friends and family. As Chief Executive of Chichester District Council, I wanted to give you all an update on our progress with the Local Plan.

  • District dispatch 1

    District Dispatch - 18 May 2021

    As we all agree, the Chichester District is a beautiful place to live, work and visit and we are fortunate that our air quality is generally very good. There are many factors that contribute to the quality of air we breathe, and as a council we are committed to doing all that we reasonably can to make our area cleaner, safer and healthier. We have identified a small number of places that are adversely affected by air pollution and we are working to help tackle this issue through a number of schemes and projects associated with our Air Quality Action Plan.

  • District dispatch 1

    District Dispatch - 12 May 2021

    It's amazing to see how well the vaccination programme is going and the difference that this is making to our route back to normality. I would like to once again thank our NHS colleagues and wonderful volunteers for the amazing work that they are doing. Due to the excellent progress that is being made to drive down infection rates, the Government announced on Monday that we are ready to move towards Step 3 of the roadmap from 17 May.

  • Diane Shepherd

    District Dispatch - 30 March 2021

    Firstly, I want to introduce myself. I am Diane Shepherd, the Chief Executive at Chichester District Council. As we are now in the pre-election period, I have agreed to take over District Dispatch until after the elections, when Cllr Eileen Lintill will continue to write this column.

  • District dispatch 1

    District Dispatch - 24 March 2021

    I'm sure, like me, that you are really looking forward to next Monday (29 March) when two households, or up to 6 people, can gather outdoors, including in private gardens. More than anything we have really missed seeing our friends and families - and so this will mean a great deal to so many people. All we need now is to keep our fingers crossed that the weather will be good to us!

  • District Dispatch - 15 March

    The coronavirus pandemic has challenged all of us, and it is has had a significant impact on the health and wellbeing of many people.

  • District dispatch 1

    District Dispatch - 10 March 2021

    This week has marked a really positive step forward in the journey towards the end of lockdown, with schools and colleges opening their doors again.

  • District dispatch 1

    District Dispatch - 3 March 2021

    We believe that everyone should have access to the safety and security that a home can provide. Housing has always been one of our top priorities and it's now more important than ever.

  • District dispatch 1

    District Dispatch - 25 February 2021

    Last week, I visited the new Covid-19 vaccination centre at our Westgate Leisure Centre in Chichester to thank the NHS workers and volunteers who are running it. It was really well organised, and it was great to see so many people being vaccinated. Everyone entering the building, including myself, wore a face covering and observed social distancing, and so it felt very safe.

  • District dispatch 1

    District Dispatch - 16 February 2021

    Last week we heard some really positive news from the local NHS after they announced that our Westgate Leisure Centre had been selected as a vaccination site for Chichester. We are very proud that the centre is to be used for this vital purpose, it will literally save lives and help us to take the first tentative steps back to normality. As soon as we know more about when the centre will be open we will share the details.

  • District dispatch 1

    District Dispatch - 9 February 2021

    I'm pleased to tell you that building work has started on redeveloping our existing temporary accommodation to provide an additional 17 flats for people who are homeless in the Chichester District.

  • District dispatch 1

    District Dispatch - 2 February 2021

    Last Friday, we met with our colleagues from the Sussex Clinical Commissioning Groups for our regular update on the COVID-19 vaccination programme in the district.

  • District dispatch 1

    District Dispatch - 26 January 2021

    Last week, we met with our NHS colleagues from the Sussex Clinical Commissioning Groups on the progress that is being made on the vaccination programme in our area.

  • District dispatch 1

    District Dispatch - 20 January 2021

    Since, last week's District Dispatch, the vaccination hubs in Selsey and Tangmere have gone live and our NHS colleagues have been busy vaccinating residents across our district. I know that vaccinations are at the forefront of all of our minds at the moment and so we are keen to share any updates we have with you.

  • District dispatch 1

    District Dispatch - 12 January 2021

    Last week, along with some of my fellow councillors, I had the opportunity to meet with the Chief Executive Officer for the NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups across Sussex and those members of his team who are responsible for overseeing the COVID-19 vaccination programme in our area.

  • District dispatch 1

    District Dispatch - 7 January 2021

    Firstly, I would like to wish you a Happy New Year from all of us at Chichester District Council.

  • District dispatch 1

    District Dispatch - 17 December 2020

    Even though it has been a challenging year and we have been working hard to respond to the pandemic, we are continuing to deliver lots of great projects and initiatives. I want to update you on a few examples.

  • District dispatch 1

    District Dispatch - 9 November 2020

    It has been great to see people return to our High Streets in Chichester, Petworth, Midhurst, Selsey, and East Wittering, since the lifting of the national restrictions.

  • Cllr. Taylor

    District Dispatch - 3 December 2020

    Over the past couple of weeks, I have read with interest the articles claiming that we must 'delay the local plan,' and I felt I needed to respond to explain why this is the worst thing we could do.

  • Alan Sutton

    District Dispatch - 25 November

    Last week, we launched a new campaign called Make Your Change Count to help support rough sleepers on a more long-term basis, and I am very pleased to say that we have received a really positive response to it so far.

  • District dispatch 1

    District Dispatch - 19 November 2020

    I hope that you are all keeping safe and well. I know that many people are interested on keeping up to date with the latest infection rates. This is reported weekly by West Sussex County Council.

  • District dispatch 1

    District Dispatch - 13 November 2020

    I hope that you are all managing to adapt to the latest government restrictions and are accessing any support you may need. We are currently issuing a weekly email newsletter with information on the very latest advice and support.

  • District dispatch 1

    District Dispatch - 6 November 2020

    As you will all be aware, the Prime Minister announced that from yesterday, new national restrictions will apply in England in order to try and control the spread of the coronavirus.

  • District dispatch 1

    District Dispatch - 29 October 2020

    Last week I was delighted to attend the socially distanced start of work for a small housing development. When it is finished next year, it will provide homes for older people in Chichester who are on low incomes. This is a project which our council has helped fund and I was very pleased to meet those involved from the Chichester Greyfriars Housing Association and hear about the very clear need that this development, close to the centre of Chichester, will meet.

  • District dispatch 1

    District Dispatch - 20 October 2020

    As coronavirus cases continue to rise across the country, it is worth regularly checking the government's postcode checker to find out the latest alert level, not only locally, but for anywhere else you plan to visit. Many of you may have plans for the half-term holiday and so it is definitely worth checking this before you travel anywhere. You can find this at

  • District dispatch 1

    District Dispatch - 14 October 2020

    This week, the Prime Minister, announced a new three-tier lockdown plan. This sets out different rules for regions as being on 'medium', 'high' or 'very high' alert. These new rules have been introduced to try and curb the significant increase in rates across the country.

  • District dispatch 1

    District Dispatch - 7 October

    Last week, the Government launched its Green Homes Grant scheme. This will give over 600,000 homeowners in England up to £5,000 to pay part of the cost of energy saving measures like adding insulation or installing a low carbon heat system.

  • District dispatch 1

    District Dispatch - 29 September 2020

    It's hard to believe that it's almost October — and already many of us have started to think ahead to Christmas! This year has been difficult for all of us, especially our local businesses.

  • District dispatch 1

    District Dispatch - 22 September

    On 24 September, the Government is launching the NHS Covid-19 app.

  • District dispatch 1

    District Dispatch - 15 September 2020

    This week, the Government introduced the 'rule of six' to target the rise in coronavirus cases in the country. This new restriction means that social gatherings, inside or outside the home, should not exceed six people.

  • Cllr Plant

    District Dispatch - 8 September 2020

    A few weeks ago in this column, we talked about the importance of protecting our local environment. This is reflected in the council's COVID-19 Recovery Plan, which has a particular focus on the environment and healthy lifestyles.

  • District dispatch 1

    District Dispatch - 1 September 2020

    I'd like to start by thanking everyone for their patience and support over the recent weeks and months as we've adapted our services and the way we work in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Although it's been largely business as usual for the council, at the start of the pandemic some of our services had to alter to respond to the outbreak in order to best help our communities and those most in need. The safety of our staff and communities remains our priority, but although our offices remain closed to the public, I'm keen to reassure people that we are here to help.

  • District dispatch 1

    District Dispatch - 25 August 2020

    Over the last few weeks I have been asking my Cabinet colleagues to take over this space to explain how our council is planning to help the district recover from the coronavirus crisis. Each column has looked at the different headings of our recovery plan, which was agreed last month. I hope that you have found this information useful - I will of course update you regularly on how the plan is progressing.

  • Councillor Peter Wilding

    Organisational recovery plans

    Last week, my colleague Cllr Susan Taylor, who is Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Planning updated you on our planning, health and environmental protection recovery plan. This week I want to take you through our organisational recovery plan.

  • Cllr. Taylor

    Planning, health and environmental protection recovery plans

    Last week, my colleague Cllr Martyn Bell, Cabinet Member for Growth, Place and Regeneration, updated you on our plans for the economic recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic. This week, I want to update you on the planning, health and environmental protection recovery plan.

  • Cllr. Bell

    Business recovery plans

    Supporting our local businesses and helping the economy to recover is a key priority within the council's COVID-19 recovery plan.

  • Cllr. Briscoe

    Community recovery plans

    For those who don't know me, I am Councillor Roy Briscoe and I'm the Cabinet Member for Culture and Community Services at Chichester District Council. Over the next few weeks, the other cabinet members and I will be taking over district dispatch to update you on our future plans.

  • Eat out to help out

    Last week, the government announced that it would be launching the 'Eat Out to Help Out' scheme. This will run during August and will offer you 50% off a meal, up to the value of £10, on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at restaurants, cafes, hotels and pubs that are taking part in the scheme.

  • How you can help rough sleepers

    It is great to see that so many of our local businesses have now reopened and that our High Streets are starting to return to some sort of normality.

  • Reopening our high streets

    Monday was a big day for our high streets as many businesses started to open their doors to customers for the first time in almost three months. I know that for many people, being able to get back to work and visit a wider range of shops and businesses in person has been a welcome change of scenery and a real relief after a long few weeks of restrictions.

  • Supporting our local businesses

    At the start of the lockdown, I said that when we start to recover from this crisis, we would all have a role to play in supporting our local businesses. As the Government starts to release further restrictions under its recovery plan, we are now at that point. As long as the Government's key tests are met and businesses have made their premises 'COVID-19 Secure', our High Streets will start to reopen from Monday 15 June.

  • Recognising our unsung heroes this Volunteers' Week

    This week is Volunteers' Week - a chance for us to recognise all of those unsung heroes who are making a huge difference to the lives of others. Our district is renowned for its amazing volunteers in normal times, but since this crisis began, we have had an unbelievable response from those who want to help others.

  • Preparing for a different kind of normal

    As a council, we are continuing to respond and adapt to the coronavirus crisis as we move towards the recovery stage. We have identified four key areas which teams from across our council will be focussing on over the coming months as our lives slowly but surely start to return to a different kind of normal.

  • Responding and adapting to the coronavirus crisis

    Last Saturday, people across the district joined together to raise funds for Stonepillow. From trikes and wheelbarrows, to summer houses and double decker buses, many of our staff and councillors found a new bed for the night in support of the 'Little Big Sleep Out at Home' fundraising event, helping to raise thousands of pounds in the process.

  • Pulling together to support each other

    As many of you will be aware, the Chichester District had a special mention at the Downing Street press briefing last week. This was due to the fact that we are currently the highest performing council at issuing business rate grants in England.

  • An update on support during lockdown

    By Sunday, we should have a clearer picture on how the current lockdown will start to be lifted. What is in no doubt is that we won't see a rapid return to normality. Instead, we need to continue to closely follow government guidelines, so that we do not risk another peak in coronavirus cases.

  • Thank you for volunteering during this crisis

    I want to start by thanking all of those who have put themselves forward to volunteer and help during this crisis. I have to tell you that we have been overwhelmed by the response - with hundreds of you offering your support. It really has been inspiring.

  • Looking out for vulnerable people during lockdown

    As everyone is aware, the government has extended the lockdown period for at least another three weeks. This means more than ever that we need to look out for those who are most vulnerable.

  • Helping communities through this crisis

    Since the coronavirus crisis began, people from across our district have been pulling together and demonstrating a real sense of community, and that's something we should all be incredibly proud of.

  • Thank you for supporting neighbours, family and friends through this dreadful crisis

    I want to start this message by thanking every person who is supporting their neighbours, family and friends through this dreadful crisis. It's more important than ever that we work together to support those people who are alone and need help.

  • Working together through this crisis

    Last week, it was very touching to see people come out of their homes across the country to clap for our carers. Coming together to support one another in times such as this is what makes our country great.

  • An update on support during this difficult time

    As I said in my last district dispatch, we are experiencing one of the most challenging and unprecedented times that we have ever known.

  • An update on Coronavirus

    For many of us, we are experiencing the most challenging and unprecedented times in living memory. I understand that people will be extremely worried about what is happening, but I want to reassure you that this situation is the top priority of all of our public services.

  • Council Leader praises 'incredible volunteers', who are helping rough sleepers

    In last week's district dispatch, I talked about the work that Chichester District Council, as well as local groups and charities are doing to help rough sleepers turn their lives around.

  • How we can all help rough sleepers

    When I discovered that someone had burnt the possessions of a rough sleeper in Chichester, I was appalled. Those who sleep on the street are vulnerable and they need our support, not abuse.

  • Making sure people are warm and safe

    Christmas is a time for spending happy hours with friends and family and getting involved in local festive celebrations. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to be in this position.

  • An update on projects and funding after a busy summer

    I hope you all had a wonderful summer. We have enjoyed some fantastic weather over the past couple of months and it has been great to see so many visitors and residents enjoying our city and towns.

  • Summer update - August 2019

    It's been three months now since I became Leader of Chichester District Council, and I'm really enjoying my new role.

  • Your visions for our city and towns - October 2018

    There's no doubt that we live and work in one of the most beautiful areas of the country and we want to keep it that way.

  • New measures will ensure high quality accommodation - September 2018

    Having a home which is safe and secure is a priority for each one of us. Whatever type of housing we live in needs to be well maintained with adequate facilities, be properly heated, and have fire safety measures in place.

  • Chichester District welcomes the Duke and Duchess of Sussex

    We are thrilled to welcome you to Chichester and its surrounding district.

  • Support our Against Litter Campaign - August 2018

    As you may be aware, we recently launched an 'adopt an area' scheme as part of our 'Against Litter' campaign.

  • Improving air quality - June 2018

    A few weeks ago, we were asked to produce a report for a House of Commons Committee on the work we have done to introduce electric vehicle charging points. The Committee is looking at how they can develop the market and infrastructure to encourage more people to opt for electric vehicles.

  • New3 service will help people with non-medical issues - May 2018

    Our GPs in the district do a fantastic job caring for patients, but I know that they often see patients who have more complicated, non-medical issues which need much more than the medical treatment they can give.

  • Continuing the fight against litter - April 2018

    We live and work in one of the most beautiful places on the country and we are asking for your help in keeping it that way.

  • Helping people to keep warm and well - November 2017

    As the winter evenings draw in, people across Chichester District will be thinking about switching on their heating. However, there are many people across the district who are classed as being in fuel poverty. This is where a household is struggling to keep their home at an adequate temperature.

  • Support our Against Litter campaign - October 2017

    We live and work in one of the most beautiful areas in the country, but the district only stays this way because of our dedicated teams who travel around 303 square miles every week keeping it clean.

  • Increasing our recycling - September 2017

    As you may be aware, we launched a big recycling campaign last year, encouraging you to help us recycle 50% of all household waste by 2020.

  • Positive work to support high streets and local businesses - July 2018

    As you are aware, a few weeks ago, we discovered that House of Fraser will be closing its Chichester store in early 2019. I know that many people are concerned about this, but I want to reassure you about all of the positive work that is going on behind the scenes to support our High Streets and local businesses.

  • Making Chichester into a leading tourism destination - June 2017

    People who visit Chichester, whether for the day, weekend or longer are a huge benefit to our economy. They visit our local attractions, eat in our cafes and restaurants, and buy from our shops. This in turn creates jobs and investment, meaning a better quality of life for local residents.

  • Getting everyone active - May 2017

    This month, it is exactly a year since we handed over the management of our three leisure centres in Chichester, Midhurst and Southbourne to Everyone Active.

  • We need to recycle 50% of waste by 2020 - April 2016

    You may be aware that by 2020 we need to be recycling at least 50% of all waste. If we do not achieve this, we may be faced with heavy fines from the European Union, which will affect the council's finances and your council tax.

  • Keeping your council tax low: always a big priority for us - March 2016

    Over the past number of years we have worked really hard to make major savings to cope with cuts to our Government funding.

  • Tackling fly tipping - April 2017

    We are lucky to be surrounded by stunning countryside, picturesque towns and villages, and scenic coastline. We have an attractive area and we know that most people want to keep it that way, but unfortunately, we receive regular reports about litter, fly tipping and dog fouling in a variety of locations across the district.

  • Looking after our finances - March 2017

    Offering you value for money while keeping your council tax low has always been a big priority for us.

  • Promoting food safety across Chichester District - September 2016

    You may have recently read in the news about the unpasteurised Scottish cheese that was linked to an E.coli outbreak, in which a three year old girl unfortunately died.

  • Discrimination will not be tolerated - July 2016

    Since the result of the EU Referendum there have been reports across the country of race hate crime.

  • Recognising our armed forces - June 2016

    As a retired Royal Naval Officer and Councillor for Southbourne, I feel very strongly that we in Chichester District must support the men and women who serve in our Armed Forces, whether in the Royal Navy and Royal Marines, British Army, or Royal Air Force.

  • heating oil

    Helping you to keep warm this winter - May 2016

    I was shocked earlier this year, when I discovered that the district has a high rate of private sector homes that have inadequate heating systems.

  • Tony Dignum plus logo

    Protecting our sport and leisure services - February 2016

    We have always prided ourselves on the leisure services that we provide as a council, including our three Leisure centres in Midhurst, Chichester and Southbourne.

  • Tony Dignum plus logo

    Making a difference over the festive period - January 2016

    Firstly, I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year. I hope you all enjoyed the festive period.

  • Tony Dignum plus logo

    Looking after the community over Christmas - December 2015

    Christmas is a time for spending time with friends and family and getting involved in local festive celebrations.

  • Tony Dignum plus logo

    Celebrating Chichester Careline - October 2015

    This year, our Chichester Careline service is celebrating 30 years of helping to live safely and independently.

  • Tony Dignum plus logo

    Supporting apprenticeships - September 2015

    Recently, we encouraged people to join us at our council offices to find out more about apprenticeships at a special event that we organised with West Sussex County Council, Chichester College and other partners.

  • Tony Dignum plus logo

    Understanding the Local Plan - July 2015

    Welcome to my monthly column in the Observer series. I hope to give you an insight into the council and the work that we are doing on your behalf, and hopefully at the same time you will get to know me a bit better.

  • Easing the lockdown

    This week there has been a lot of positive news, with the government giving the green light for more of our businesses to open from 4 July.

  • A reminder for when you're out and about

    Over the past few weeks, we've seen temperatures soar and lockdown restrictions eased. This has provided people with a welcome opportunity to go out and about and enjoy what the district has to offer, and is a positive sign for our local businesses - many of whom have reopened or are about to reopen.

  • Key projects will support business - January 2018

    It's only January, but it is great to see that some of our key projects that aim to support local businesses are already coming to fruition.