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District Dispatch column

This column is written every month to help give you an insight into the council and the work that we are doing on your behalf. It also appears in the Chichester Observer and the Midhurst and Petworth Observer. 

As a district council we cover an area of 303 square miles, including the City, Petworth, Midhurst and Selsey. We serve 115,000 people. You may not realise it, but you come into contact with our work every day. We provide more than 80 services over every 24 hour period. We empty your bins, check food hygiene standards, license taxis, clean your streets, look after the coastline, care for our parks and open spaces, and provide support and reassurance to the vulnerable. We handle your planning applications and run the off-street car parks.

To find out more about our work, we have a few videos on our Chichester District Council YouTube (opens new window) channel. 

We use resources wisely and make sure that we spend money on services that matter to you. We also work closely with our partners to ensure that you are receiving quality services that give value for money. We are doing this in a number of ways, from buying together to sharing services. We are always looking for new ways to deliver those services.

As a council we always welcome your views. You can do this in a number of ways, including communicating with us on our social sites, sending us a message on our website, or emailing 

District Dispatch - 8 June 2022

Now that the sun has finally started to appear, many of us will take advantage of visiting our fantastic coastline.

District Dispatch - 30 May 2022

I hope you are looking forward to the extended bank holiday weekend and that you enjoy some of the many Jubilee celebrations that are being held across the district.

District Dispatch - 25 May 2022

Next week will be filled with activities and celebrations and I for one can't wait! The Novium Museum's award-winning Chichester Roman Week begins on Saturday 28 May, which also marks the start of the school holidays. It offers a diverse range of activities and events across the city and surrounding areas, designed to engage visitors of all ages.

District Dispatch - 18 May 2022

The past couple of years have been incredibly tough on everyone, and a significant rise in the cost of living is adding further pressure on people. A top priority for us is to make sure that people are aware of the support that is available and this is why I have dedicated many of my district dispatch columns to focus on the different schemes and initiatives that are available.

District Dispatch - 11 May 2022

Helping people to get on the housing ladder and access affordable housing is a top priority for us. We don't own housing stock, but we can use our planning policies to make sure that at least 30% of all large housing developments is affordable housing.

District Dispatch - 4 May 2022

Over recent weeks our officers have been working incredibly hard to issue Government Energy Rebate payments to customers who live in council tax bands A to D.

District Dispatch - 27 April 2022

As the weather starts to improve, many of us will be out and about enjoying our beautiful district.

District Dispatch - 19 April 2022

Making sure our residents feel safe is a top priority for the council and its partners.

District Dispatch - 12 April 2022

We are all more than aware of rising energy bills and the impact that this is having on our monthly outgoings. As countries around the world come out of Covid-19 lockdowns, surging demand for energy has meant energy prices have increased. Over the past year, the price of gas alone has quadrupled. Whilst the problem is global, the effect is being felt by millions of households here in the UK.

District Dispatch - 6 April 2022

It's hard to believe that we are already in April and fast approaching Easter! There's lots going on, and many things for us to look forward to. I especially enjoyed attending the Culture Spark launch event last week.

District Dispatch - 29 March 2022

The pandemic and the rise in the cost of living has impacted on all of us in many ways. This is why it is more important than ever that people are aware of the support that is available to them. Whether someone is struggling to pay bills, feels isolated; or is concerned about rising energy costs, the council and its partners are here to help.

District Dispatch - 17 March 2022

Last week, we met as a council to agree the budget for the year ahead. This is quite a complex task, because we look at the income we are generating from services we charge for; funding from government; and your council tax. All of these elements form our budget for the year.

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