Corporate plan

The Corporate Plan is an internal business planning document which sets out the council's future priorities and objectives.

Why do we need a Corporate Plan?

  • A clearly set Corporate Plan ensures that the council manages its resources effectively.
  • It ensures that projects can be delivered by the council's services and that enough capacity is available to deliver them.
  • It provides a focus for the council's Cabinet so it can plan its work - and the framework for the council's scrutiny function to hold the Cabinet to account.
  • It provides the framework for evaluating the council's performance.

Progress and Performance

Performance is reviewed regularly to ensure that we are on target to achieving our objectives.

The council's Corporate Management Team and the Scrutiny Committee monitor progress against the key projects, budgets and performance measures on a regular basis and take action where any activities are behind schedule or target. A report is also produced annually to highlight the key achievements.

Reviewing the Corporate Plan

The Corporate Plan is reviewed annually to ensure that the key projects and measures are still relevant, important and are continuing to achieve the outcomes we set ourselves.

Corporate plan 2018-2021

With the current corporate plan period coming to an end in 2018, a more extensive refresh was carried out in late 2017. A new corporate plan was approved by Council on 23 January 2018, to take effect from 1 April 2018 and run until 31 March 2021. In January 2021, councillors agreed that the current corporate plan be extended for 1 year to allow the council to focus on its interim COVID-19 priorities and recovery plans. A new corporate plan for the period 2022-2025 will be developed during 2021/22.

The priorities set out in the current plan are largely unchanged from the previous version. They continue to represent the challenges and opportunities facing Chichester District Council over the new plan period. The priorities are:

  • Improve the provision of and access to suitable housing.
  • Support our communities.
  • Manage our built and natural environments to promote and maintain a positive sense of place
  • Improve and support the local economy to enable appropriate local growth
  • Manage the Council's finances prudently and effectively

Performance Information

To help us track how well we are delivering our services to our customers we measure our key activities and set targets for performance using performance indicators. Each service measures performance on a regular basis and links to our latest quarterly Performance Indicator reports are included below. We also publish an Annual Report detailing what we have achieved over the last year and our priority work areas for the coming year.