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MOT, taxi and private hire vehicle tests - terms and conditions

These terms and conditions apply to the following testing services and should be read before accepting the service:

  • MOT vehicle testing for vehicles classes 4, 5 (light) and 7.
  • MOT and Fitness tests for Taxis and Private Hire vehicles.
  • Fitness tests for Taxis and Private Hire vehicles.
  • Meter tests for Taxis.

The council does not undertake repairs or servicing.


Please view our MOT services fees and payment methods

Payment must be made at point of booking.

Cancellation and refunds

The council has a one full working day cancellation policy for this service. If you miss your scheduled booking date and time, or cancel with less than one full working days' notice, the fee you have paid will not be refunded and you will need to re-book and pay the full price.

If you have cancelled your booking at least one full working day before the booking date, a refund will be processed.

If there is an unforeseen circumstance on behalf of the council (e.g. staff illness, technical failures etc), we will contact you to arrange an alternative booking date. If we are unable to provide a suitable date a refund will be processed.

All refunds, where applicable, will be made to the original payment card and completed within 5 working days.

Arriving at the test centre and leaving your vehicle at the test centre

We ask that you arrive 10 minutes before the booking. Please do not arrive before this time.

Vehicles cannot be left at our test centre after the test has been completed - regardless of the test outcome. 

MOT retest charges

You won't have to pay again if your vehicle fails (on certain items only) and is brought back to our test centre by no later than 3pm of the next working day. Please note we cannot guarantee that a MOT tester will be available at the time of your arrival, and you may be asked to wait. 

If your vehicle fails on chargeable items, the vehicle will require moving from our test centre for repair and returned within 10 working days, when a chargeable retest is required. In this case a chargeable retest booking must be made, and a reduced fee will be applied.

If the vehicle fails a chargeable retest, or a retest is not carried out within 10 working days, the vehicle will then be subject to a full test at the full MOT test fee.

Fitness tests and fitness retests

Taxi and private hire vehicle fitness tests must be carried out within 5 working days of your MOT, if applicable, taking place. 

If your vehicle fails on the fitness element only, the vehicle must be presented for a free of charge retest within 5 working days. If the retest fails, or is not carried out within 5 working days, a full Fitness test will be needed. As this becomes a full test, the vehicle will require another MOT and the vehicle fitness test must be carried out within 5 working days of your MOT, if applicable, taking place.

Promotional offers

A promotional discount will be applied by the council to online applications only when a valid discount code is entered by the customer at point of payment. The promotional discount applies for the specified test only. The council has the right to withdraw the promotional discount at any time.


By using this service, the customer consents to the council using the customer's data including address and telephone number in the performance of this agreement and consents to the council using such details to contact the customer in relation to the provisions of this sService.

The council will apply reasonable care to treat personal data appropriately as required by the GDPR.

Queries or Complaints

Any queries or informal complaints concerning the service should be directed to  

If you are unsatisfied with the response, or wish to raise a formal complaint, you may use the council's complaints procedure.

Last updated: May 2024