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District Dispatch - 3 November 2022

I am delighted to announce that as part of our Supporting You campaign, our new Supporting You team is now in place.

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The brand new service launched earlier this week, and will be providing a holistic service to support those who are struggling with the pressures caused by the rise in the cost of living.

The service is being delivered by a dedicated, five-strong team of trained advisors who are able to intensively support people who have a range of difficult and challenging issues at once, so that it makes the process as easy and stress free as possible. They will be working alongside the council's Social Prescribing and Wellbeing teams to provide a range of support for people, including providing advice on financial help to pay bills, help with housing, and health and wellbeing support.

If you need the team's advice, then they can be contacted by emailing or by calling 01243 534860.

Last month members of our Wellbeing Team began regular visits to the excellent Community Food Hub scheme which operates across the district in Chichester, Midhurst, Tangmere, Petworth and Selsey. The hubs are run by the not-for-profit organisation UK Harvest, based in Donnington, just outside Chichester. Its aims are to reduce food waste and help charities and people who are vulnerable to access good quality, affordable food. The organisation collects surplus food from a variety of food providers while also undertaking education work about healthy eating and reducing food waste, as well as helping to tackle social isolation in our communities. If you use the hubs then you may well bump into one of our friendly Wellbeing team who will be on hand with lots of general advice to support healthy eating.

As we move into the colder, darker winter months it can be a real challenge to keep motivated, active and healthy, and our Wellbeing Team have put together a few useful tips which I wanted to share with you.

Their top tip is to get as much daylight as you possibly can, even if you are working from home. Being close to a window means that in the day you can increase the happy hormone called dopamine from natural light. Getting more daylight also helps us to sleep well at night, boosts our mood and keeps us healthy.

The reduced sunlight also means we do not get enough vitamin D which is vital for helping keep our bones, teeth and muscles healthy. Taking a Vitamin D supplement during the winter helps control infections and reduces inflammation and is one of the best things you can do for your general health.

And although it can be much harder in the winter, the Wellbeing team also advise getting as much as exercise as you can - the recommended aim is 150 minutes a week but whatever you can do is good. In the winter they suggest adapting what activities you do and when you do them, so that you make the most of the day time hours when you are more likely to feel active. 

The team also recommends practising daily gratitude to keep our minds feeling as positive as possible during these difficult and challenging times. 

Our Wellbeing Team (opens new window) help residents across the district, and you can find out about their full range of services, from stopping smoking, losing weight to healthy eating and cutting down on alcohol and improving your emotional wellbeing. They also run the excellent HeartSmart Walks programme, a falls prevention course for people at risk of falling and a diabetes prevention programme.

Chichester Wellbeing is a free service that offers support with small lifestyle changes to residents across the Chichester District. The team is ready to help you and support you on your wellbeing journey - simply email or call 01243 521041.

Best Wishes

Cllr Eileen Lintill

Leader of Chichester District Council