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  1. Food safety training

    It is a legal requirement for food business operators to make sure all food handlers are supervised, instructed and/or trained in food hygiene matters...

  2. Book a food safety course

    We have run a variety of food hygiene and health and safety courses since 1985.

  3. Check a food hygiene rating

    Find out if a food premises has a good hygiene rating.

  4. Food Hygiene Rating Scheme

    What do the different ratings mean? Appeals Process Right to Reply Revisits Process What do the different ratings mean? The food hygiene rating reflects...

  5. Food safety

    Find information on food hygiene rating, registering your food business, food hygiene or nutrition training.

  6. Food guidance

    The Food Standards Agency has produced a series of publications to help small and medium food businesses (SMEs) and local authorities, in supporting SMEs,...

  7. Registering and inspecting your food business

    Registering your food business When starting a new food business there may be many things that you may not have thought of, or would like advice about. To...

  8. Find an adult education course


  9. Report a food safety problem

    We can investigate food complaints which relate to public safety.

  10. Register your food business

    It is important to ensure that you register any new premises when used for a food business.