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For further information on any of our available opportunities, please contact the Advertising and Sponsorship Officer:

Advertising and Sponsorship Officer
Chichester District Council
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+44 01243 521059

Advertising policy

Chichester District Council offers a range of appropriate advertising and sponsorship opportunities which helps us to deliver and improve community services.

We adhere to an advertising policy which states that Chichester District Council will only accept advertising and sponsorship from individuals or businesses whose values, practices, services and products are not in conflict with the council's priorities and goals. Please contact us for a copy of our policy to make yourself aware of what is and isn't acceptable for the council to advertise.

Advertising statistics

Whatever your advertising and sponsorship needs, Chichester District Council can provide an effective and targeted opportunity that's right for you.

Here, you can reach...

  • 113,800 residents (54,400 males and 59,400 females)
  • 54,535 households
  • 5.7 million visitors
  • 51,000 workers
  • 6,645 local businesses

Covering an area of more than 300 square miles, advertising with Chichester District Council is a valuable way to increase brand awareness across the district, and highlight your company's presence in the local community at excellent rates.

Why advertise with us?

  • A greater reach than any other medium. We can get your message out and about in the district and deliver your brand message direct to your target audience.
  • Broad portfolio of prominent print, online, signage and event opportunities.
  • Excellent rates: we want to support your business or organisation, and your money is reinvested back into community projects and services.
  • Association with a large, trusted and recognised district council: we are renowned for providing trusted and quality services. By associating your brand with ours you will promote your presence in the area as well as being recognised for giving something back to the community.
  • Unique, desirable and central locations.
  • Varied and affluent demographic, ranging from retired professionals, to families, to young workers.
  • Tailored packages to suit your company's promotional needs.

We have a track record of successful sponsorship partnerships across a range of services with local businesses, attractions and institutions such as Chichester University, Clearwell Mobility, Natures Way Foods, Oakwood School, and The Prebendal School.  We have found sponsorship can be highly effective, bringing in significant benefits and a return on investment for our participating companies.

Car park advertising and exhibition space

Used by residents, season ticket holders, tourists and workers from the district and elsewhere, Chichester's Avenue De Chartres car park receives up to 1,000 vehicles a day and is one of the city's busiest car parks. Situated close to the main commercial centre, it is popular because it is the only car park in Chichester where you can pay on your return.

Landscape poster advertising
Professional frames, with large, quality Foamex banners, are positioned in high visibility locations so people have to pass them on foot and in their vehicles at the entrance and exit. 

Large format advertising
Large colourful advertising frames, sized 6x4ft, are fitted on key pillars in the car park.  Advertising here ensures visibility amongst customers coming and going on foot, and motorists parking their cars on the ground level. 

Large format prime site 
This is situated on the pillar at the entrance to car park, ensuring your message is seen by every car park user.

Barrier arm advertising
Advertising your brand on the entrance/exit barriers is a great way to reach a captive audience. Every motorist will see your advertisement twice each visit.

  • Our car park advertising prices start from £190 + VAT a month (excluding production costs). Please contact us for further information and pricing details.

"This is a great site for Chichester Festival Theatre to have a consistent visual presence and to reach out to local audiences who aren't necessarily signed up to our mailing list but who we want to encourage to try us out."

Exhibition space
To actively engage with potential customers, why not talk to us about exhibiting in our bustling Cattle Market car park in the city centre? This car park is always extremely active. We also offer exhibition space in our Northgate car park, located to the North of the City and next to Chichester Festival Theatre and Oaklands Park. We'll give you the space you need to set up your promotional materials and equipment in a safe, accessible location by the entrance/exit, and can tailor a package to suit you. 


Chichester Careline sponsorship

Since the service was launched 30 years ago, Chichester Careline has given comfort, support and advice to more than a million vulnerable people and saved thousands of lives.

Careline operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 364 days a year, supporting around 24,000 clients - from young carers and businesses that have lone workers to senior citizens and anyone who wants to live safely and independently.

You can assist with this valuable service by acting as a sponsor. Our partnership can include social media coverage, mentions on the council and Careline website as well in our magazine and newsletters, plus branding on leaflets, brochures and banner stands. Costs range dependent on requirements. Please contact us to discuss tailored packages.

New! City centre washroom advertising

Reach over 300,000 visitors a year at our Little London, platinum rated and fully attended washrooms.

  • Affordable advertising in a prime city centre location.

  • Allows businesses to:

    • Build their brand and raise their company's profile.

    • Promote seasonal offers and events.

    • Signpost visitors to their premises.

  • Only £50+vat per poster per month.

  • Enjoy exclusivity with only one framed A3 poster in each cubicle, positioned for maximum visibility.

Community Wardens sponsorship

Our Community Wardens are based in Chichester East and Whyke, Chichester West, Tangmere and Oving, Selsey, and the Witterings.  They provide a highly visible, reassuring presence to promote and enhance these communities by working to deter crime, anti-social behaviour and fear of crime. Community Wardens also take time to engage with local communities and run a range of projects.

Sponsorship can include acknowledgement in our magazine, on our website and through our social media channels.  Our Community Wardens can also distribute your branded literature while they are out and about in the district, offering a unique way to reach community groups and schools.  Promotional leaflets can be distributed at Community Warden events, including a range of sports diversion projects aimed to help build young people's self-esteem and confidence.

Dog Warden sponsorship

Our dog wardens deal with numerous cases of lost and stray dogs each year. Please support us to continue the invaluable work of this service. As exclusive Dog Warden sponsor, you could receive: your logo and short message on both sides and the back of our two dog warden vans, your logo and contact details shown on the back of the two dog wardens' uniform, your logo and contact details presented across the front of a portable gazebo for the dog wardens to use at dog shows and other events throughout the year, as well as leaflet distribution, acknowledgement on media releases, on our reception TV screens, in our magazine and on social media.

Costs range dependent on requirements. Please contact us to discuss tailored packages.

Email Newsletters

E Biz business newsletter
Our free email newsletter is sent at least bi-monthly to 700 businesses across the Chichester district. All of them have requested the newsletter, and feedback says they find it extremely useful. We take on new subscribers every week, interested in its updates on funding, workshops, training, events, projects and research.

This is a solid way to promote products and services to district businesses. The single advertising space is at the top right corner. Please contact us for rates.

News and events email newsletter
Our email newsletter is distributed to 8,000 subscribers across the Chichester District.  There is a fantastic opportunity to run one advert, including a logo or picture and copy, with a direct link to your website.

The newsletter provides up-to-date information about events, plans, developments and projects.  Our research shows the e-newsletter is well read and people rarely unsubscribe. Please contact us for rates.

Farmers Market sponsorship

Twenty-three Friday Farmers' Markets are held in the centre of Chichester every year, to help promote local food produce.  This popular and vibrant event attracts the local community and visitors alike, and your sponsorship will not only bring your brand forefront of people's minds but will give back to the local community.

You can now book a stall to promote your products or services.  Only one sponsorship space is available at each market and this offers a unique opportunity to attract the attention of more than 36,000 people, while helping support these important markets. Stallholders are interacting with passers-by from 9am to 2pm. There will be plenty of room to display promotional materials.

Please contact us for rates.

"As the only independent prep school in the city centre, Prebendal School find being part of the Chichester Farmers' Markets invaluable as they are an opportunity for us to speak with a cross section of people who live, work and travel through Chichester every day and who are a stone's throw from our school. It is important to be part of the Chichester community and to get involved. It's also lovely entertaining the crowds with our musicians as well!"

Magazine advertising

The power of magazines

Research shows that magazines:

  • are the primary driver of online purchases for 70% of product categories; (source: BMRB/TGI)
  • deliver more cost-effective marketing;(source: PPA Sales Uncovered)
  • are an effective media in driving word-of-mouth; (PPA/BMRB) and,
  • that magazine advertising is valued and absorbed (Source: Stop/Watch)

Initiatives Magazine

Now in its 21st year, the popular and established initiatives magazine continues to offer impressive results for its advertisers. When we asked advertisers what sets our magazine apart from others, the response was that it offers "greater awareness of our business" and "gives a direct route to the local area".

The magazine offers six pages of ads, a competition space and an advertising banner on the most popular pages of the magazine - the What's On diary of events. Uniquely, with the exception of two of our prime covers, all our ads appear on right hand pages - making sure you grab readers' attention as they make their way through the magazine.

Every home across the 303 square miles of the Chichester District receives this free magazine direct to their doorstep, delivered by Royal Mail. In total 63,000 copies are printed.  Our research tells us that readers find the magazine both informative and useful. Initiatives is also available for several months on our website, and at community focal points.

Our advertisers report a strong response, with more people taking up their services, buying their products, or attending their events.

With a choice of sizes and positions, including full page, half page, quarter page and eighth page, your message is sure to reach its target audience.

What's On opportunities:

  • Banner

We offer a fantastic opportunity to advertise on our most popular pages. What's On is a diary of local events. We receive incredibly positive feedback from readers about this feature, often telling us they pull out and keep the pages on their fridge or in their own diaries for future reference.

  • Event of the Issue

This section enables you to highlight your event with around 100 words of copy, an image and/or logo.  Your event will be the only listing featured with an image, making it a cost effective way of promoting your event.

  • Competition

This high visibility slot can include a picture and information, as well as you logo, web address, contact number and email. A special offer also works well here.

  • Front cover banner

Boost your competition or offer with an eye catching banner on the front cover of initiatives.

  • Advertising rates start from just £180

"Goodwood has no hesitation in advertising within initiatives. It's a high quality publication that local residents really enjoy reading. The content is great, there is a sizeable circulation which puts us in touch with our target market, and it's not flooded with adverts giving us the chance to really stand out."

Arun Times Magazine

We are delighted to be working in partnership with Arun District Council to offer great advertising opportunities in its resident magazine, Arun Times.

Sent by Royal Mail direct to the doorsteps of every home and business in the Arun District, Arun Times is produced twice a year with a total circulation of 70,000. This magazine offers the same fantastic advertising sizes and rates as initiatives, including competition, banner, and Event of the Season slots in the 'What's On' diary of local events.

Please see our booking pack for information and pricing or get in touch with us.


Novium Museum sponsorship

Opened in 2012, our award-winning museum has been built over the remains of a Roman Bath House and has three floors of innovative exhibitions and activities. Located opposite the library in Tower Street, central Chichester, it offers free admission to everyone.

Attracting around 50,000 visitors a year, the museum hosts performances; workshops; talks from local historians; lectures; children's parties; and, evening musical events. The museum also has responsibility for The Guildhall in Priory Park, a scenic and historic venue for a range of events - including weddings.

Providing you with an opportunity to reach residents, workers and visitors across the district, sponsorship of The Novium Museum offers a cultural connection and communicates a strong brand presence in the community. 

Headline sponsorship offers significant scope and exposure.  This can include a name plaque in the museum entrance, use of the museum as a venue for corporate functions, branding on marketing and press materials and at talks, exhibitions and events, the opportunity to distribute literature in the entrance area, acknowledgements on our website and through social media channels.

The museum runs a number of exhibitions, talks, events and a writing competition for children. These all lend themselves well to sponsorship, as do the numerous flyers and brochures produced by the museum, often going directly into the homes of district families through school bookbags.

Costs range dependent on requirements. Please contact us to discuss tailored packages.

"Irwin Mitchell Private Wealth is proud to be part of Chichester's vibrant local community - and we are delighted to be supporting the Tim Peake exhibition at the city's Novium Museum."


Playgrounds, parks and gardens

Chichester is home to a number of stunning green spaces and recreational grounds. A variety of projects to improve and enhance these areas lend themselves to successful sponsorships.  Sponsorship can include a dedicated area or exhibition, plaques and signage, acknowledgement in our initiatives magazine, on our website and through our social media channels.

By displaying your brand and message at parks, gardens and playgrounds, you will get unrivalled access to thousands of people a year, promote your business in a positive and friendly environment, improve your standing and identity as a local business, and give back to the area that you operate in.

Costs range dependent on requirements. Please contact us to discuss tailored packages.

Vehicle advertising

With a new fleet of trucks waiting to be customised with your message, advertising on our recycling vehicles is an eye-catching way of creating brand recognition.

Our vehicles circulate through city centres, main and side roads, avenues and cul-de-sacs, ensuring maximum visibility.  We can make sure your ad is targeted to particular areas or to the whole community, helping you reach the right audience.

The panels are weather resistant so remain clean and sharp throughout your campaign.  Please contact us for prices.

"This opportunity offered us a completely unique and high impact way of promoting our Everyone Active leisure centres. By selecting certain vehicle routes we were able to target key areas of the district, and offering a discount with a redemption code meant that we were able to measure the response to the adverts in each area."


Website advertising

Attracting around 475,000 views a month, our popular and informative website is used extensively by residents and visitors alike, providing an effective channel to engage with potential customers.  Our website not only enables residents to access services online, it also acts as a comprehensive information and communications hub for the community, day trippers and staying tourists, providing up-to-date news on what to do and see in the district.

Our website was awarded the top score in a recent survey for its customer-focused and easy-to-navigate user experience.  With pages ranging from leisure and business information, to transport, jobs and housing, we are confident we have an online platform to reach the audience you are targeting.  We provide an advertising space sized 728 pixel wide x 90 pixel high when viewed on a desktop or 320 x 50 pixels when viewed on a mobile phone.  We also offer exclusivity by placing only one advertisement on any page.

Please contact us for prices.

"Advertising on the district council website is a fantastic way for the University of Chichester to promote its Open Days to the district's residents and visitors. The site gives us a strong visual presence and people can directly click through to our own site. Knowing that the money generated from these opportunities goes back into our community is also very important to us."


Youth Engagement sponsorship


Five Ways to Wellbeing
Our Five Ways to Wellbeing workshops give young people the tools they need to look after themselves both emotionally and mentally. By asking children to focus on five positive actions they can incorporate into their daily lives as individuals and as part of their communities, the workshops help children learn skills to self-manage emotions and activities to help them remain healthy both physically and mentally.

"Natures Way Foods has a thriving Community Programme and are proud to support local organisations that focus on Education, Sport and Healthy Living. We are delighted to partner with Chichester District Council's Five Ways to Wellbeing scheme and are pleased to support this proactive approach to wellbeing for children."

Ideas into Action
They may be only 10 year olds, but Year 5 pupils have already been dabbling in politics and making a difference in their community. Our local democracy and social action scheme, Ideas into Action, helps young people understand the importance of local democracy. It gives school pupils the chance to develop their own political party (focusing on issues that matter to them), educates them about their local environment and community, and helps them research ideas, deliver presentations and recreate a voting scenario.  As part of the project, a number of the children's ideas come to fruition.

Sponsorship packages can include: the opportunity to promote your sponsorship in your marketing activity, your pull-up banner at sessions, acknowledgement in media releases, your promotional literature at each workshop and in school book bags, acknowledgement as a sponsor and logo on hand-outs for pupils and posters for the classrooms, acknowledgement and logo on pencils for pupils taking part in the workshops, acknowledgement on social media and on our council website.