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Your advertising and sponsorship questions answered

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Why does the council raise income through advertising and sponsorship?

Chichester District Council was one of the first councils in the UK to look at generating advertising and sponsorship income from its assets in order to support local services. As a result, we have developed a unique range of advertising and sponsorship opportunities to generate funds to reinvest in our district's services. Our advertising and sponsorship opportunities also support the growth of local companies and visitor attractions.

Do you have an advertising policy?

Yes, we do. Our advertising and sponsorship policy aims to provide helpful advice to prospective advertisers and sponsors on what is, and is not, an acceptable form of advertising for the council. This policy relates to advertising and sponsorship opportunities connected to the council's assets, services, events and other activities for which it has responsibility. If you would like to receive a copy then please either complete our advertising and sponsorship enquiry form, email or phone 01243 521059.

Are there any types of advertising you won't accept?

All advertising must comply with our advertising and sponsorship policy. For example, we won't accept advertising if it promotes gambling, payday loans, refers to tobacco, promotes alcohol, or appears to promote any kind of discrimination. This list is not exhaustive, and the council retains the right to refuse advertising on the grounds that, in the council's opinion, it is inappropriate, or it conflicts with services already provided by us. Chichester District Council will also not enter into advertising or sponsorship agreements with any business that is in conflict with the council. If you would like to receive a copy of our policy then please complete our advertising and sponsorship enquiry form, email or phone 01243 521059.

What area do you cover and how many people can I reach?

The Chichester District covers more than 303 square miles and our advertising can reach: 124,100 residents, 57,634 households, 7,670 local businesses, and people working in 76,000 jobs.

We can deliver your brand's message direct to your target audience either in Chichester city centre or across the Chichester District. And if you choose to advertise on the side of one of our recycling trucks, you can even choose the streets you wish to target.

Why advertise with us?

There are a number of reasons why your company should advertise with us. We offer unique sites and spaces in the city of Chichester and across the district at competitive and affordable rates. So whatever your size of business, we can help you to promote your brand, product or services. We also offer quality advertising and sponsorship packages that you simply won't find anywhere else. And of course, we will always help you with by providing a professional and friendly service - from your initial enquiry, through to publication or installation.

Do you offer any advertising or sponsorship opportunities in Chichester city centre?

Yes. You can advertise at our range of affordable city centre poster sites and promote your company at our city centre promotional spaces and stalls. You can also, as a sponsor of one of our city centre museum exhibitions, be featured at Chichester's Novium Museum. Finally, you can hire space for company or charity events at The Priory Park Guildhall, The Novium Museum and in our parks and gardens. See our city centre page for more details. Please note: Bishop's Palace Garden is not available for sponsorship or advertising.

Are discounts or promotions available?

From time-to-time we do offer special promotional prices. However, all of our opportunities are priced competitively in order to support local businesses. Also we do not discount prices for the council's popular magazine, initiatives, as it has proven to be highly effective and therefore advertising space is at a premium. The income generated from this publication also helps to cover the cost of its production and distribution. Sponsorship agreements are subject to negotiation in terms of the elements and timescales involved. For more information please complete our advertising and sponsorship enquiry form.

Do you have any affordable opportunities for small businesses?

We have advertising sites starting from as little as £50.00. So if you would like to find out more please email

How far in advance do I need to book?

We are now taking bookings for 2024, so for our most popular sites and spaces advanced booking is recommended. All bookings are taken on a first come, first served basis.

How far in advance do I need to book my space in initiatives magazine?

Initiatives is one of our most valued and popular advertising opportunities for local businesses, reaching every home and business in the district by Royal Mail. As a result, spaces are booked well in advance. That's because we offer only right-hand facing adverts and a limited selection of sizes and spaces in order to maintain the quality of our publication for our readers and advertisers. To ensure that you don't miss out, email, fill in our advertising and sponsorship enquiry form, or download a copy of our 2024 initiatives booking pack, which includes details of our prices, advert sizes and timescales. 

When does artwork have to be submitted?

For poster sites, artwork can be submitted at the latest one week in advance of installation. For website advertising, artwork can be submitted at the latest one week prior to publication. For initiatives magazine, the booking and artwork deadlines are - Spring: 24 January 2024; Summer: 1 May 2024; Winter: 29 August 2024. For Arun Times magazine, the booking and artwork deadlines are - Spring: 24 January 2024; Winter: 29 August 2024. For details of the deadlines for all other sites and spaces email Please ensure you comply with all data protection (GDPR) and copyright laws and that you have the permission of any individuals pictured in the photographs you wish to use in your advertising.

Can you send me information about all of your advertising and sponsorship opportunities?

An electronic copy of our advertising and sponsorship brochure can be downloaded from these pages. To receive a printed copy please either complete our advertising and sponsorship enquiry form, or email our advertising officer at

Do you manage the advertising on local roundabouts?

No. All roundabout advertising is managed by West Sussex County Council. However, as an alternative we can offer affordable poster and barrier arm advertising at our Avenue de Chartres car park situated next to Chichester railway station and Waitrose. This popular car park attracts over 1,000 vehicles a day and is one of the city's busiest car parks.

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