Located on Tower Street in the centre of Chichester, The Novium has been purpose built to show the remains of a Roman bath house, which are now uncovered for visitors to see for the first time. Previously, they lay preserved under a car park. But the Roman baths are just one of many wow features you will see.

The building has been designed by the award winning Keith Williams Architects, whose projects include the Wexford Opera House in Ireland and The Unicorn Theatre in London. The moment you walk through the glass doors you will be amazed at the space and views provided by the building. The Novium contains about 150,000 artefacts, both on display and in its store.

The remains of the Roman baths fill much of the ground floor gallery, with an audio visual film showing you how they were built and used in Roman times. The bath house would have been used as a meeting place, to engage in leisure activities and perhaps also to talk business. It would have been an active and noisy place, full of chatter and gossip, where games might be played, books read and beauty treatments enjoyed.

Many of its visitors would have hired slaves to look after their belongings, and even at that time there were complaints about noise, as one Roman letter tells us. There are also glass cases around the baths containing objects that were found at the site.

There is also a Learning Room. This is used for educational sessions, activities and a meeting space. While you are visiting, make time to visit the museum shop with a range of history books, locally produced gifts and many other souvenirs. Or visit our Tourist Information Centre to find out what other exciting attractions can be found in the district. For more information, please contact The Novium.

The Novium museum
The Novium museum
Tower Street
West Sussex
PO19 1QH
United Kingdom