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The Local Plan - timeline

Our current Local Plan was adopted in July 2015. At that time, the Local Plan was approved, but the Government Inspector said that we had to review it again within five years to make sure that sufficient housing was planned to meet the needs of the area. Since then, we have gone through various stages of consultation with you as part of the Local Plan process as outlined below, along with the steps we still need to take.

Stage One - Issues and Options

DescriptionStage ProgressConsultation Page

Stage One of the process was carried out in June 2017 with an Issues and Options consultation, in which we invited you to complete a questionnaire regarding the overall development strategy and possible development locations. These responses were used to help draft our Preferred Approach Plan.

CompletedIssues and Options - consultation June 2017

Stage Two - Preferred Approach

DescriptionStage Progress

Consultation Page

For The Local Plan Review, the preferred approach is the second stage of the process. It sets out the proposed development strategy and policies for the area to meet future needs. We invited you to make comments on our preferred approach between December 2018 and February 2019. These responses, along with the further evidence we have gathered, have been used to help draft a revised version of the plan.

CompletedPreferred approach - consultation December 2018

Stage Three - Regulation 19 and Submission

DescriptionStage ProgressConsultation Page

Between 3 February and 17 March 2023, we invited you to comment on three specific questions or tests in relation to the Proposed Submission Local Plan - legal compliance, soundness and compliance with the Duty to Cooperate. Your comments have been submitted, alongside the Local Plan, to the Planning Inspectorate for their independent examination. The Plan includes modifications we are proposing in response to your representations.

Plan submitted on 3 May 2024Regulation 19 consultation

Stage Four - Examination

DescriptionStage Progress

A planning inspector will be chosen by the government to examine our plan and they will then report on their findings.  There may be further changes to the plan required as a result of the hearing sessions held with the inspector.  These changes are called 'main modifications' and there will be a six week consultation on them before the examination ends.


Stage Five - Adoption

DescriptionStage Progress

We will adopt the Local Plan once the planning inspector is happy with it. 



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