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Supported and sheltered housing

Living independently

There are various schemes available to people who wish to live independently but require some level of support. Please see the West Sussex County Council website for further details or contact Stonham, one of the largest providers of housing, care and support services in England.

The Independent Living Scheme

The Independent Living Scheme involves Southdown Housing Association, a Registered Social Landlord, leasing accommodation to a housing support agency. The agency then sub-leases these properties to people whose special needs are registered with our Housing department. The scheme provides support for people with mental health issues, learning disabilities and young people. Each tenant receives a flexible level of support, dependent on their need, which averages two hours per week.

Help is provided so tenants can:

  • look after and keep their accommodation
  • regain, develop and maintain some control over their lives
  • develop a more settled way of life
  • improve quality of life
  • regain and develop personal and social skills
  • increase self-confidence and self-esteem
  • take an active part in the community
  • undertake a meaningful occupation

Funding for the scheme is limited so we prioritise applications.

Learning difficulties

Housing for adults and children with learning difficulties or physical disabilities, Southdown Housing Association can provide further information about accommodation for those with learning and mental health difficulties.

Southdown Housing Association (opens new window)

Sheltered housing for the over 60s

Sheltered housing provides accommodation with support for the over 60s. Usually this could mean such things as a daily call to check everything is okay, communal facilities or midday meals. There is a charge for these services, which is separate from the rent to pay. In order to be considered for sheltered housing, you must join the Chichester Housing Partnership Register. Please contact customer services for further details.

Floating support

Floating Support in the district is provided by Home Group (through its Signpost Service) to people whose special needs are registered with our housing department.

The service aims to help people gain, maintain and control all aspects of their life. Floating support is for people who:

  • need to access their own accommodation or are having difficulties in their current tenancy, own home or temporary accommodation
  • need temporary support to resolve housing related issues
  • have support needs due to mental health issues, learning disabilities or other difficulties
  • are aged 16 - 64 at point of referral

Floating support offers:

  • flexible visits/telephone support or drop-in sessions
  • a named worker who will work in partnership with service users to help them live more independently
  • support which helps people move into accommodation and stay in it
  • help with claiming benefits and grants
  • liaison with other support, training or employment agencies
  • links with local communities
  • help with researching information
  • gaining skills for life
  • assistance with writing letters

The following services are not provided. However, help is given by signposting to the relevant agencies that provide these services:

  • personal care or giving you your medication
  • household chores such as shopping, cleaning and cooking
  • handling money
  • transport
  • counselling

How it works

Once accepted, a worker meets with service users to discuss and agree a time-limited support or 'development' plan. Development plans are regularly reviewed to make sure service users are getting the service they need. Once service users have reached their goals and can manage on their own or with other help, the support provided by Stonham Signpost is slowly decreased. The duration of support can vary from just a few weeks up to two years, depending on the assessed needs of the individual.


Contact us

For further information and advice email Alternatively, you can phone us on 01243 785166.

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