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Strategic flood risk assessment 2023

The National Planning Policy Framework sets out strict tests to protect people and property from flooding. All local planning authorities are expected to follow these tests. Where these tests are not met, new development should not be allowed.

"Flood risk" is a combination of the probability and the potential consequences of flooding. Areas at risk of flooding are those at risk of flooding from any source, now or in the future. A key means of assessing this is via the Council's Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA).

The council's strategic flood risk assessment (SFRA), completed at the end of 2023. The assessment has been prepared in line with the Government's requirements set out in:

The SFRA is key for underpinning the new Local Plan and for applying the sequential test. The level 1 SFRA main report is available to view. The sequential test methodology document, which sets out how to apply the sequential test using the mapping is also available to view:

Chichester District Council - Level 1 strategic flood risk assessment 2023 report (PDF) [7MB]

Chichester District Council - level 1 strategic flood risk assessment - methodology in support of performing the sequential test (PDF) [3MB]


The SFRA Level 1 and 2 Reports and appendices maps are available to view (opens new window).