• Are you worried about your housing or financial situation and need information and support on where to start?
  • Are you feeling lonely or isolated and want to have a greater sense of connection to your community?
  • Are you needing practical or emotional support, to help you cope in a challenging situation?
  • Are you interested in finding out about local groups, activities or courses?

If the answer is yes to any of the above, then why not consider speaking to a member of our Chichester Social Prescribing team.

How to refer

You can be referred into our service by your GP, or through our self-referral form.

This form can be completed by yourself, or a professional currently supporting you.

If you are a professional supporting someone who may benefit from our services and would like a conversation prior to referring, please contact socialprescribers@chichester.gov.uk.

If you are having any difficulties in completing your form, please contact the Chichester Wellbeing team on 01243 521041.

What is Social prescribing?

Social Prescribing is an opportunity for you to talk through some of the non-medical issues in your life, which may be having an adverse impact on your health and wellbeing. During your appointments, you can discuss ways to improve how you feel and explore opportunities for you to connect to the practical and emotional support available in your community.

Who do we work with?

We work with anyone over the age of 16.

You may be looking for:

  • financial or benefit advice
  • support getting into work
  • caring for someone and needing a break
  • does your home environment impact on your health and wellbeing?
  • feeling like you'd benefit from having more regular contact with people or things to do.

Whatever your challenge, we're here to talk it through and enable you to make a plan.

How can we help?

A member of our friendly and experienced Social Prescribing team can provide up to six, one-to-one appointments. In that time, they may connect you to specialist advice, information and resources. They will also support you in dealing with the issues you find hard to manage alone. They could also introduce you to a local group, activity or club, to help you feel less isolated. They will work with you, to link you to your next step - 'We connect you to the journey, not the journey to you'.

Where do we work?

We can currently support anyone registered with the following GP surgeries:

Rural North Chichester

  • Loxwood Medical Practice
  • Petworth Surgery
  • Pulborough Medical Group
  • Riverbank Medical centre, Midhurst

Chichester & Manhood Peninsula

  • Cathedral Medical Group, Chichester
  • Langley House Surgery, Chichester
  • Lavant Road Surgery, Chichester
  • Parklands Surgery, Chichester
  • Selsey Medical Practice
  • Southbourne Surgery
  • Tangmere Medical Centre
  • Witterings Medical Centre