Adoption of the Site Allocation DPD

At its meeting on 22 January 2019, Full Council adopted the Site Allocation Development Plan Document 2014 - 2029. The Site Allocation DPD represents the second and 'daughter' document to the adopted Chichester Local Plan: Key Policies 2014 - 2029.

Work to date

Publication of Inspector's Report on the Site Allocation DPD

The Inspector has carefully considered all of the representations submitted in relation to the Site Allocation DPD and the council has now received the Inspector's Report (dated 26 October 2018) which has been published along with the Inspector's Appendix of Main Modifications.

Consultation on the Further HRA/ Appropriate Assessment

The council has undertaken a Further HRA/ Appropriate Assessment at the request of the Inspector, in light of the recent European Court of Justice decision on HRAs (the Sweetman case). Consultation on the Further HRA/ Appropriate Assessment ran from 15 August until 31 August 2018. All representations received were sent to the Inspector.

The following document sets out links to the representations received:

The Inspector's report on the DPD is anticipated to be later this year.


The Site Allocation: Proposed Submission Development Plan Document was submitted to the Secretary of State on 31 March 2017. Following the Examination Hearings (which took place in September 2017) the council prepared some Main and Minor Modifications to the DPD for public consultation. Minor Modifications are changes, additions or deletions to either wording or maps, which do not go to the heart of the DPD. They are not required to make the DPD "sound". The consultation on the proposed main and minor modifications ran for six weeks from 1 February 2018 until 5.00pm on 16 March 2018. All representations received on the Proposed Main Modifications were sent in full to the Inspector for her consideration. Please note that copies of all representations will be made available for the public to view (including your name, but will not include any personal addresses or signatures), and therefore cannot be treated as confidential.

The following document sets out links to the representations received:

The main submission documents are set out:

Inspector Roisin Barrett Bsc Msc Dip UD Dip Hist Cons MRTPI IHBC was appointed to conduct the examination to determine whether the Plan is sound. Further information about the Examination process is available on the Planning Portal. The examination hearings took place in September. Details of the timetable and the various Matters and Issues which were considered are available in the Examination Library.

To assist the Inspector, an independent programme officer, Chris Banks, has also been appointed to work under the Inspector's direction. The Programme Officer is responsible for organising the programming and all procedural matters.

All future correspondence relating to the examination should be via the Programme Officer:

  • Name: Mr Chris Banks
    Address: Banks Solutions, 64 Lavinia Way, East Preston, West Sussex BN16 1EF
    Telephone: 01903 783722
    Mobile: 07817 322750

Examination Library

An word icon examination library [264kb] has been set up which contains all the documents and supporting evidence submitted for the examination. This includes correspondence from the inspector, the council and participants. All the documents may be downloaded free of charge.

The timetable for the examination sessions is available to use:

Site Allocation Proposed Submission DPD

The publication of the Site Allocation Proposed Submission Development Plan Document represented a step in the process which enabled anyone who may have an interest in the allocation of housing and employment sites to comment. The DPD does not include that part of the District within the South Downs National Park. The DPD has evolved through extensive consultation and research to help in determining the best approaches to the allocation of housing and employment sites. Consultation on the draft DPD took place between 7 January and 18 February 2016, following which a further consultation took place between 28 July and 22 September 2016. Comments and information received during these consultations have helped develop the document.

The DPD was published prior to its submission to the Secretary of State to allow for representations to be made on its soundness and legal compliance.

The representation period for the Site Allocation Proposed Submission Development Plan Document ran from 9am Thursday 1 December until 5pm Thursday 26 January 2017. 

The consultation document can be viewed below along with supporting documentation (Methodology and Assessment, Sustainability Appraisal, Habitats Regulations Assessment, Equalities Impact Assessment and Statement of Consultation).

The Statement of Representation Procedures sets out details of the representation period and where documents can be obtained. The Guidance Notes explains how representations are to be made and a Representation Form is available to download. Following this period, the representations will be considered by an independent Planning Inspector alongside the Site Allocation DPD and supporting evidence base at an examination hearing.