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Payment plan policy and procedures

Although there is no requirement for Chichester District Council (CDC) to honour requests for payment arrangements, it is accepted that there will be individuals who are facing financial hardship, who may find it difficult to meet the costs of a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN). However, it may also be argued that financial hardship is not a reason for a PCN to be cancelled and the contravention should be avoided in the first place.

Taking both of these factors into account, CDC has agreed upon the following procedures with regards to paying a PCN by instalment. These procedures are subject to review at any time.

The council does, at its own discretion offer a small number of payment arrangements whereby PCN's can be paid over a number of months. Exceptional circumstances only will be considered and a request for payment by instalment is not an automatic guarantee. Under current regulations CDC is not obligated to offer payments by instalments for PCN's.

Requests for payment by instalments should be made in writing to Parking Services, CDC and the decision will be based on the need for the debtor to fall within various categories and providing sufficient proof.

  • Employment and Support Allowance (eg: Job Seekers Allowance, Incapacity benefit, Income Support
  • Council Tax benefit
  • Carers Allowance
  • Disability Living Allowance
  • Housing Benefit

A Notice to Owner must have been served and the PCN's must not have reached the debt registration (i.e. an Order for Recovery must not have been served.)

Payment by instalment will not be accepted during the discount period. The discount is intended as an incentive to settle the charge quickly. It is unfair to allow an individual an extended period to pay a reduced amount for a period longer than the statutory period (with the exception of the discount period being reoffered following an unsuccessful challenge).

If an instalment is broken, no reminders will be sent, as this is considered an unnecessary use of staff time. The case will continue to progress to the next stage due at the time the arrangement was made. (Information pertaining to the Parking Penalty Enforcement Process can be found at Patrol UK (opens new window)) CDC will not enter any further payment arrangements with the debtor, if this arises, as the Council considers this an inappropriate expectation on behalf of the customer.

Payment by instalment is made on one occasion only. Should further PCN's be received, these will not be added to the arrangement, as it is expected the parking behaviour will change.

Once a payment plan has been arranged, further representations against a PCN will not be accepted.