Due to the on-going Covid-19 situation licenses will only be issued for sessions for a maximum of 30 attendees (including the instructor). 

If you wish to use the council's parks for personal training or to run group fitness sessions you must be licensed by Chichester District Council Sport and Leisure Team. We license operators to ensure that:

  • the parks are protected
  • access to and use of public open space is preserved for all visitors
  • park visitors can benefit from, enjoy and engage in fitness training in a variety of outdoor environments
  • fitness operators hold appropriate qualifications (based on industry best practice), and are insured.

Park availability

The following Chichester District Council parks which are all within the city of Chichester are available for use:

  • Oakland's Park
  • New Park Road
  • Sherborne Road
  • Whyke Oval
  • Priory Park
  • Florence Park
  • The Amphitheatre Park (behind the old Cattle Market)

License costs

Our prices for obtaining a license are as follows:

  • £40 per month for One to One Sessions only (no group sessions)
  • or £80 per month for One to One & Group Sessions

Social distancing

All training sessions on Chichester District Council land must abide to the latest government guidance on social distancing.

If you wish to apply for a license please complete the application form