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List of locally important buildings

What is the Local Buildings List?

The Local Buildings List is a list of buildings which are important in a local context but not nationally important enough to have a statutory listing.  The Local Buildings List includes buildings with historic or architectural associations which are particular to the City of Chichester. These could be buildings by an important local architect, a local landmark or buildings associated with a locally important person or event.

The Local Buildings List has been approved as a material planning consideration when dealing with planning applications.  However permitted development rights are not affected by a building's inclusion on the local list so the list cannot be used to control or prevent any alterations carried out under these rights. You can also view locally important list buildings on our web mapping system (opens new window).

How do I nominate a building to go on the Local Buildings List?

You can still put forward a building for consideration when we next review the list.  First check that your building does not have a statutory listing.  You can do this by searching English Heritage's Images of England website or contacting the District Council.

You can download and complete the nomination form and either email or post it to:

Historic Buildings Advisor
Design and Implementation Team
Chichester District Council
East Pallant House
1 East Pallant
PO19 1TY



Avenue de Chartres, Chichester College Admin block (PDF) [65KB]

Avenue, 29 The (PDF) [152KB]

Basin Road, Bus Garage (PDF) [94KB]

Broyle Road, 3 Bell Inn Public House (PDF) [89KB]

Broyle Road, 30 Oakfield Cottage (PDF) [84KB]

Broyle Road, 67 Comme Ca Restaurant (PDF) [101KB]

Broyle Road, Minerva Theatre (PDF) [103KB]

Broyle Road, The Keep (PDF) [85KB]

Broyle Road, The Studio and 1a (PDF) [82KB]

Caledonian Road, 27-28 (PDF) [95KB]

Caledonian Road, 37-40 (PDF) [85KB]

Cleveland Road, St George’s Church (PDF) [93KB]

College Lane, Boundary Walls (PDF) [103KB]

College Lane, Oaklands Park House (PDF) [84KB]

College Lane, The Chapel, University of Chichester (PDF) [100KB]

Crane Street, 3-4a (PDF) [79KB]

Drive, The Chestnut Cottage (PDF) [106KB]

Durnford Close, Parklands Primary School (PDF) [92KB]

East Street, Marks & Spencer (PDF) [84KB]

Fordwater Lane, Fordwater Copse (PDF) [102KB]

Green Lane, 88-89 (PDF) [106KB]

Hornet, The 19 Almshouse Arcade (PDF) [81KB]

Infirmary Terrace, 1 (PDF) [92KB]

Kingsham Barn (PDF) [90KB]

Kingsham Farm Gate (PDF) [83KB]



Lavant Road, 13 (PDF) [92KB]

Lavant Road, 7 The Tudor House (PDF) [92KB]

Litten Terrace, 1-12 (PDF) [89KB]

Market Avenue, 6 Magistrates Court (PDF) [100KB]

Mount Lane, 1 (PDF) [134KB]

New Park Road, 7-19 (PDF) [98KB]

North Street, Marks & Spencer (PDF) [86KB]

North Walls, 9 (PDF) [91KB]

Northgate, 12 (PDF) [85KB]

Northgate, The Electric Cinema (PDF) [90KB]

Old Broyle Road, Barn at White House Farm (PDF) [112KB]

Orchard Street, 142-152 (PDF) [72KB]

Oving Road, 14 (PDF) [84KB]

Oving Road, 219 (PDF) [85KB]

Oving Road, 220-222 (PDF) [78KB]

Oving Road, 45 (PDF) [123KB]

Oving Road, 48-51 (PDF) [105KB]

Oving Road, Four Chestnuts Public House (PDF) [87KB]

Priory Park, The Pavilion (PDF) [121KB]

Rew Lane, Woodland Place (PDF) [100KB]



Sherborne Road, The Ridgeway Retail Parade (PDF) [65KB]

South Bank, 23 Lime Kilns (PDF) [129KB]

South Bank, Poyntz Swing Bridge (PDF) [101KB]

South Bank, Starlings, Maycroft, Ringwood, Woodside (PDF) [89KB]

South Street, 4 (PDF) [96KB]

Southgate, Chichester Crown Court (PDF) [70KB]

Southgate, Railway Station (PDF) [77KB]

Spitalfield Lane, 43 (PDF) [80KB]

St James Road, 13-19 (PDF) [103KB]

St Pauls Road, 90 (PDF) [103KB]

St Pauls Road, 92 Appletree Cottage (PDF) [96KB]

Stockbridge Road, Former Girls High School (PDF) [79KB]

Tower Street, Library (PDF) [112KB]

West Street, The Post Office (PDF) [88KB]

Westgate, 43-59 (PDF) [85KB]

Westgate, 61-63 The Tannery (PDF) [78KB]

Westgate, 63 a & b (PDF) [66KB]

Whyke Lane, Railway Bridge (PDF) [94KB]

Whyke Lane, Whyke Twitten Walls & Gate (PDF) [119KB]

Whyke Road, 13-17 (PDF) [104KB]

Whyke Road, 138 & 139 (PDF) [79KB]

Whyke Road, 200 Brandram House (PDF) [128KB]

Whyke Road, 29 (PDF) [96KB]

York Road, 1-2 (PDF) [103KB]


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