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Improvement Relief Scheme

You may be able to get relief from higher business rates if you make certain improvements to your property.

An improvement to your property may result in the rateable value of your premises increasing. the increase would start from the date the works are complete. To help offset the increase, the government has introduced the improvement relief scheme.

The purpose of the scheme is to provide support for businesses that have invested in their property. the scheme provides 12 months rate relief on improvements which would otherwise increase your business rates bill.

If you carry out any improvement works to your property please notify Chichester District Council by:

You do not need to apply for improvement relief or do anything differently. If you meet the necessary requirements, Chichester District Council will apply the relief to your bill. 

If you have questions about a certificate of qualifying works, please contact the VOA. Contact details will be on your certificate. Please note the VOA cannot answer queries about the occupation condition or your business rates bill. To be eligible, you must:

  • have qualifying improvement works
  • meet the occupation condition

Qualifying works must either:

  • increase the size of your property; or
  • add new features or equipment to your property, such as heating, air conditioning or CCTV

Any improvements to existing features or equipment do not qualify.

Occupation condition:

  • You must have occupied the property during and after the improvement works to get improvement relief. You cannot pass on your improvement relief to anybody else.

If qualifying works are carried out, you will receive a certificate from the VOA. This means you may be eligible for improvement relief. The VOA will also provide the same details to Chichester District Council. We will then apply the relief and send you a revised bill provided we are satisfied you have met the occupation requirements.

If you believe the certificate is incorrect, please note there is no right of appeal. However, if you think there is something wrong with the certificate you can contact the VOA using the email address on the letter.