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Latest Government updates

Latest update

For the latest coronavirus updates and to find out how to stay safe and prevent the spread, visit: - Coronavirus (opens new window).


Latest news on the rollout of the coronavirus vaccine

The Covid-19 vaccine remains our best defence against the virus. The Government is encouraging everyone to make sure that they access the vaccine when they are due to have it, whether this is a first, second or a booster dose. 

Visit the vaccine online booking system (opens new window) or call 119 to arrange your appointment. 

Free transport (opens new window) is available for anyone who may have difficulty getting to their appointment. It will get you to and from your appointment if you wouldn't otherwise be able to get to the vaccination site. 


National and local coronavirus data

The Government continues to publish weekly national influenza and coronavirus reports (opens new window) on their website. Updates on the number of cases of variants of concern (opens new window) are also published weekly and can be found on the Government's website. The latest R value and growth rate (opens new window) can also be found on the Government's website.

You can find local weekly coronavirus data (opens new window) from West Sussex County Council.