There's nothing worse than lifting bags of heavy garden waste and having to transport them to the tip. You'll be glad to know that we have the perfect solution!

We offer a fortnightly collection service which gives you the chance to recycle your garden waste in a convenient and cost effective way.

  • We collect your garden waste every two weeks from outside your property boundary.
  • Your garden waste is locally recycled into compost by the Woodhorn Group.
  • A green bin is included in the price.

For more information about the service please refer to the service leaflet below or the garden recycling service terms and conditions.


Once you have subscribed to the service your collection dates will be shown online with your other collection dates. However, these will not be available until 24 hours after your green bin has been delivered.

Collection dates will not appear online where the service has expired and is not renewed.

How much does it cost?

  • The service costs £63.66 per bin per year.

Existing customers

To purchase additional bins, please phone 01243 534619.

Renew your subscription

If you are already subscribed to the service, we will contact you before your current year's service is due to expire.  This will contain details of how to pay for the next subscription period.

If you have already received a bill to renew you can pay by card online using the link below and selecting Customer Accounts.

Pay a bill online

Are you subscribed and paying by card?  Switching to Direct Debit is easy. Please complete the payment form below.

If you already pay for the service by Direct Debit but want to make any changes to the payment account details, please also complete the payment form below.

Other ways to recycle your garden waste

  • You can compost at home. Home composting bins can take most garden waste and uncooked kitchen waste.
  • Garden waste can be taken to the Household Waste Recycling sites operated by West Sussex County Council .