The Enabling Grant is designed to help improve the efficiency of independent local businesses, to maximise the potential for growth and to assist new businesses with start-up costs.

We strongly recommend that applicants read the guidance notes carefully before submitting an application as the criteria has changed and the way the applications are processed is different from previous rounds.

Businesses can apply for only one of the following two grants:

  • Growth Projects - up to a maximum contribution of £2000 from the council (50% match funded)
  • Start-up Awards - up to a maximum contribution of £500 from the council (non-match funded)

We particularly welcome applications from businesses in the 'green' sector or applications for projects to reduce a business's environmental impact and these applications will be prioritised during the evaluation process.

The online application form will be available on Monday 9 May and applicants will have until 1.00pm 30 May 2022 to submit their application.