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Council tax FAQs

When will I receive my new council tax bill?

Bills are due to be posted on Thursday 13 March 2024.

Can I access my council tax account online?

Yes - you can access your council tax account online using My Account. Using My Account allows you to view payments, notices, advise us of any changes, and set up or change a direct debit. You can also switch to paperless billing, and view and print your bills immediately.

If I have registered for paperless billing and an online account, when will my new council tax bill show?

If you have registered for an online account, your new bill will now be available to view and download. You will receive your email alerting you of your new bill on Wednesday 13 March 2024.

How is my council tax calculated?

The amount of council tax you pay depends on two things; the valuation band of your property and the number of adults living there. When council tax is worked out, it is assumed that there are two adults living in the property. More than two people does not increase the charge, but a single adult in residence qualifies for a 25% discount. There are other circumstances where discounts and exemptions may apply.

I pay my council tax by direct debit, but the date payments are to be collected is not convenient. Can the date be changed?

Yes. Direct debit payers have the option to select either 1st, 8th, 15th, 25th or 28th as the preferred instalment date. You can change the date online by using my council tax.

What does my council tax pay for?

Council tax is each households contribution towards the services provided by;- Chichester District Council (9% of council tax collected) Sussex Police Crime Commissioner (11% of council tax collected) West Sussex County Council (77% of council tax collected) Local parish council (3% of council tax collected).

I do not use all of the services paid for by council tax, why do I still have to pay the full amount?

Council tax is collected for all services provided by Chichester DC, West Sussex County Council, Sussex Police Crime Commissioner, and your local parish council. Council tax is not paid for specific services that you do or do not receive.

The amount shown on my bill for adult social care shows an increase of 2%, but the increase in amount appears to be more

The adult social care precept is calculated on the whole of the West Sussex County Council elements from the previous year. The 2% increase, is 2% of the previous years combined total of West Sussex County Council general expenditure, and the adult social care element.

How much has my council tax gone up by?

Chichester District Council - 3%, Sussex Police Crime Commissioner - £13 per annum (for a band d property) West Sussex County Council has increased by 5% (3% for general expenditure & 2% for adult social care) The overall average increase for a band d property is 5%.

Why has my parish charge increased?

Chichester District Council only collects the parish charge element of your council tax on behalf of your parish council. You should contact the relevant parish council for clarification on any increases.

My property banding is too high, can I appeal this?

Valuation of dwellings is the responsibility of the Valuation Office Agency. Any appeal against the banding must be made to them direct.

I think my council tax charge is wrong, can I dispute this?

You can only appeal if you do not think that you should be liable (either at all or over a given period of time), if you disagree with the amount of discount, or believe that your property should be exempt.

I am not able to afford the instalments shown on my bill, what should I do?

If you are going to have difficulty paying your council tax it is important that you contact us as soon as you can. Alternatively you can visit our support page to find out if you might qualify for help paying your council tax.

Why has a premium been added to my council tax charge?

Any property that has been empty for over 2 years is subject to a premium, which is agreed prior to each financial year by the councillors of Chichester District Council. The premiums with effect from 1 April 2021 are;- Empty property for over 2 years - 100% premium; Empty property for over 5 years - 200% premium; Empty property for over 10 years - 300% premium.

Why do I not get a discount on my second home, or property that I rent out?

Second homes, and empty homes are subject to a local discount which is decided prior to each financial year by the councillors of Chichester District Council. There is no discount for the 2021/22 financial year, for second homes, empty homes, or properties that require major repair works to render them habitable.

I am receiving a reduction that I am no longer entitled too, what should I do?

You should email the taxation team with the date that your circumstances changed, as soon as possible.