We currently have a monitored Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system in several of our car parks. We also monitor on-street in the following areas:

  • Chichester;
  • Selsey;
  • Midhurst;
  • Petworth;
  • East Wittering and;
  • Bosham

The CCTV system only operates in public places. 

This service is managed by a team of trained personnel along with Sussex Police. This service provides a daily 24 hour monitoring operation.

We work in partnership with and ChiBAC (Chichester Businesses Against Crime).

The CCTV system is in place to:

  • reduce crime;
  • increase public safety, and
  • help police respond to incidents

We have a CCTV code of practice which supports the delivery and management of the CCTV operation. We also have an agreed working protocol with Sussex Police for monitoring police CCTV cameras and managing evidence.

Evidence recorded on CCTV

When a crime is reported, Sussex Police have the responsibility of viewing possible CCTV evidence.

Most of our car parks have a British Parking Association's Safer Parking Award. Yet, from time to time incidents can occurs. In these instances, the council is able to review CCTV footage. This is to see if anything has been picked up on the cameras.

To enable our CCTV operator to find any requested footage, please email community@chichester.gov.uk.

In your email, please provide:

  • a detailed location of any incident;
  • the date of the incident;
  • approximate time of the incident;
  • the make, model, colour, and;
  • registration mark of any vehicles involved

The council will be unable to supply a copy of any footage we hold without a request from the Police or Insurance Company.

The operation of the CCTV system complies with the Data Protection Act 1998. Procedures are in place to protect the data and to ensure that it is used in accordance with the requirements of the Act.