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Winter maintenance policy for car parks

Frost & ice

  • Chichester District Council will not routinely treat its car parks at times of frost and Ice particularly where frost/ice is expected to thaw within a reasonable time.
  • During periods of prolonged frost and icy conditions, where conditions are not expected to improve naturally, a salt/grit mix will be applied to areas around ticket machines and main pedestrian access points.
  • The vehicle running areas and parking bays will not be treated.
  • Never assume that a car park has been treated.


  • Car parks may not be cleared of snow if conditions are expected to improve naturally with 24 hours. Clearance will be prioritised and therefore not all car parks will be cleared at the same time.
  • At times of heavy snow, where conditions are not expected to improve naturally within 24 hours, accumulations of snow will be cleared from car parks at the earliest opportunity, once snow stops falling.
  • Areas which have been cleared will be treated with a salt/grit mix.
  • Cleared snow will be stockpiled at appropriate positions within the car park.
  • Icy areas may remain after snow has been cleared and it is important not to assume that car parks, which have been cleared of snow, will not still be icy.