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Midhurst Town Centre Vision 2008-2011

Following the publication of the Midhurst Study, public meetings were held with residents, the business community and pupils of Midhurst Grammar School. A Steering Group was established, consisting of 22 representatives from the community including Midhurst Town Council, Chichester District Council, West Sussex County Council, Midhurst Chamber of Commerce, Midhurst Community Partnership, Midhurst Society and Midhurst Economic Partnership. It has been the job of this Steering Group to take the ideas and formulate them into this Vision Document.

This document outlines a vision for Midhurst Town Centre and details the three year action plan to regenerate and improve the area. Having consulted widely on this document, we believe it truly represents the aspirations of the local community. The Steering Group will continue to review and monitor the work within the Vision. The projects have been broken down into 4 categories which are:

  • Creating a Sense of Place
  • Supporting a Vibrant Retail Economy
  • Supporting all Businesses
  • Co-ordinated Management

Midhurst Sense of Place

A key area identified by the Midhurst Vision was to Develop a Sense of Place. This was to understand what makes Midhurst unique and how future initiatives and developments should be informed by local identity and heritage.

This document has been produced by the Sense of Place working group and is therefore, one aspect of the Vision and as such helps to validate work undertaken previously.

Midhurst Market Study

This summary presents key findings from an evaluation of market potential at Midhurst. CACI have used a combination of lifestyle data, expenditure models, gravity model simulation and benchmarking techniques to evaluate the position of Midhurst both in 2006 and 2016.

Midhurst Retail Study

CACI were instructed by Chichester District Council to provide an independent, strategic assessment of the retail potential of Midhurst.