Backdating claim form

In certain circumstances we may be able to pay you benefit for a period before you made your claim.

Backdating claim form

Change of address

If you claim for housing and council tax reduction and have moved within the Chichester District you need inform us.

Benefit - change of address

Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) form

If you are having difficulty meeting your rent payments and/or council tax liability, you can apply for discretionary payments.

Please note that the conditions for these payments vary. 

Discretionary Housing Payment form

The Discretionary Housing Payment fund is available to help people with their housing costs. They are only awarded to individuals with exceptional financial circumstances.

The fund has a limited budget and payments are awarded as a short term measure to help claimants in difficult circumstances. If the limit of the fund is reached all awards will be withdrawn.

Generally housing costs means rental liability; however housing costs can be interpreted more widely to include:

  • Rent in advance
  • Deposits
  • Other lump sum costs associated with housing need such as removal costs

These payments are made in addition to Housing Benefit and you must be getting Housing Benefit or Universal Credit in order to receive a Discretionary Housing Payment. 

Discretionary Council Tax Reduction (DCTR) form

Discretionary Council Tax Reduction is available to assist people in the following groups who are financially vulnerable and struggling to pay their Council Tax. To be considered for this support you must make an application for Council Tax Reduction and be in one of the following groups:

  • On the Universal Credit banded Council Tax Reduction scheme and disadvantaged in comparison to the previous means tested scheme.
  • Have had an award adjustment on your Council Tax Reduction claim and are unable to meet the increased amount.
  • A care leaver in need of additional Council Tax Reduction to help transition into adulthood.
  • Financially vulnerable as result of the Covid-19 pandemic and have Council Tax that you are struggling to meet.

How to make an application

When you make an application, please include the following:

  • Explain why you are finding it difficult to meet the cost of your Council Tax
  • Give details of any steps you have taken to try and resolve the issue such as:
    • Making an application for benefit
    • Requesting payment holidays for mortgages and loans
    • Seeking assistance from family and friends etc.

You will also need to tell us about your income and outgoings.

Awards for working age people who have applied for Council Tax Reduction because they have been affected by Covid-19, will be capped at £250. This group will have already received up to £150 automatically and can claim up to an additional £100.

Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction form

Council Tax Reduction provides assistance with the payment of council tax to those who are on a low income.

Make a new claim

Second Adult Rebate (pensionable age applicants only)

Second Adult Rebate is another way for you to receive help with paying your council tax.

You can claim Second Adult Rebate if you are of pensionable age, you pay council tax and live with someone over 18 who:

  • is not paying you rent;
  • does not have to pay council tax;
  • is not your spouse or partner; or
  • are on a low income

If you would like to check whether you are eligible for this, please contact the Benefits team on (01243) 534509.