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Council agrees additional guidance on requests to use Chichester District car parks for events

Leading councillors have agreed on how they will consider requests to hold events and activities in Chichester District Council car parks.

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The additional guidance was approved at Chichester District Council's Cabinet meeting on 16 April 2024.

Chichester District Council manages a range of car parks across the district to help meet parking demand from visitors, residents and businesses. The facilities also play their part in reducing congestion on local roads, supporting businesses, and encouraging tourism.

Councillor Jess Brown-Fuller, Cabinet Member for Culture and Events at Chichester District Council says: "Although the priority will always be ensuring an adequate provision for parking, we are pleased to be able to identify, through this extension to our events policy, that there is some scope for consideration of events or land hire in some of our 31 car parks.

"This policy will provide clarity for event organisers on how officers will approach applications and what will be expected of those organisers. Each application will be taken on a case-by-case basis."

The policy was created following consultation with stakeholders throughout the district and with the members of the Safety Advisory Group (SAG), which provides safety advice on events being held in the district. The supplementary guidance sits alongside the council's general events policy for use of its land such as parks and open spaces.

Members of the public will be able to read the policy on the Chichester District Council 'hire of land' webpage.

Date of Release: 17 April 2024

Reference: 4320