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Alcohol Wellbeing Advisors on hand to support Chichester District residents

Chichester Wellbeing's Alcohol Wellbeing Advisors are supporting residents across Chichester District who recognise they may benefit from drinking less alcohol.

Wellbeing team summer 2023

Since starting earlier this year, the new Alcohol Wellbeing Advisors have been reaching out to various groups across the district to support those who need help improving their relationship with alcohol by reducing their intake.

Chichester Wellbeing operate across the district which allows them to link up with organisations in the district to help better identify and reach those in need.

"It's really important for people to know our Alcohol Wellbeing Advisors are on hand to support them," explains Councillor Tracie Bangert, Cabinet Member for Communities and Wellbeing at Chichester District Council.

"Alcohol is part of our culture and our alcohol advisors are here to help people continue to enjoy alcohol in a safe way. Many people consume alcohol and experience no issues with their intake, but there are some simple, low risk steps that people can take to ensure they continue to keep healthier habits. For example, it's safest to drink no more than 14 units of alcohol per week and spread over three or more days with a few days off. And if you're pregnant, it's safest to not drink alcohol at all.

"But when a resident recognises that they might be drinking too much and regularly; often it can be difficult to find the right support for them in cutting down their intake. Our Alcohol Advisors work with them to create a realistic plan that is manageable and suited to them."

When a resident reaches out to the advisors for support, they work with the client in confidential sessions to review their drinking habits and work out how to reduce their intake.

They offer six to eight sessions of tailored advice which can be booked at times convenient for the client. These sessions can be in person, over the phone, or online; it is all down to the client's preference and what they are comfortable with.

The sessions are run weekly and take up to an hour and aim to help the client make positive changes. Reducing alcohol intake has several benefits and can help with some of the following: better sleep; improved short term memory; better focus and concentration; increased energy levels; saving money; losing weight. The advisors are here to support them in choosing healthier alternatives at their own pace, setting, and toward their own individual goals.

Tracie continues: "Our Alcohol Wellbeing Advisors provide support that can be so important for anyone across our district. Sometimes it can be hard to make change on our own, and they are here so people don't have to go through that change alone.

"If there is anyone considering making a positive, healthy change in how they consume alcohol, and would like support tailored to their own needs, we encourage them to get in touch with them to take that first step."

People can contact the Alcohol Wellbeing Advisors for Chichester district, on, or by phone on 01243 521041.

If residents would like to find out more about the Alcohol Wellbeing service they can visit Chichester Wellbeing's alcohol advice page (opens new window).


Date of Release: 13 October 2023

Reference: 4280