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District Dispatch - 16 August 2023

Fly tipping is an offence that we take very seriously. Not only does it ruin the landscape of our beautiful district, but it also poses an environmental risk and costs more than £350,000 of taxpayers' money to clear up every year.

Councillor Jonathan Brown, Deputy Leader Chichester District Council and Cabinet Member for Environmental Strategy

We have unfortunately had to clear up some very big fly tips in our district recently, including the largest soil fly tip we have ever had to deal with in Woodberry Lane, Westbourne. This is something we are keen to tackle, by working with you. Fly tipping is a crime, and we need your help in our fight against it.

One of the most important things you can do to help, is to make sure that anyone you employ to remove and dispose of your household waste is licensed as a waste carrier with the Environment Agency.

By law, you are responsible for any waste produced on your property — known as your 'duty of care.' It means that whether you've finished a DIY project; been clearing out unwanted household items; or have been busy sprucing up your garden, it's down to you to make sure that your waste is disposed of safely and legally.

If you ask someone to remove your waste, it's vital that you use a licensed waste carrier and ask for a waste transfer note as evidence. If you don't do this, and your waste is fly tipped by someone who is not licensed, you could receive a fixed penalty notice of up to £1000 for not disposing of your waste properly. The person who dumped the waste will also be fined.

You can check if a waste carrier is licenced by checking their waste carrier licence number on the Environment Agency's register by visiting their website (opens new window) or calling 03708 506506. If they do not have a licence, please make sure that you do not use them. If they are licensed and you use them, always ask what will happen to your waste and make sure that you get a waste transfer note and receipt for your waste and keep these as proof. If you decide to get rid of your waste yourself, make sure that you take your waste to a registered site. You can find your nearest site and its opening times on West Sussex County Council's Waste and Recycling Centre page (opens new window).

Another way you can help us, is by reporting any fly tipping, or any information you may have regarding one, through our Chichester District report fly tipping page. With your help, we have been able to take action against those who commit these crimes by issuing fixed penalty notices. We also have the option to prosecute the offender if further action is required.

We are also continuing to work with Sussex Police, the Environment Agency and other government agencies to hold joint action days where commercial vehicles are stopped and checked. Using the powers from all agencies, action is taken to make sure that commercial operators are legally operating and disposing of waste responsibly.

The joint action days aim to disrupt the activities of those looking to fly tip materials in our beautiful district and ensure that potential fly tippers know that there will be consequences. By working together with other agencies we are able to be more effective and target areas where we know that there is an issue with fly tipping.  Find out more about the countywide campaign by visiting West Sussex County Council's Lets Scrap Fly Tipping page (opens new window).

You can access more information on fly tipping by visiting our Chichester District Fly Tipping pages If you are keen to help us keep our district looking clean and beautiful, why not pledge your support for our award winning Against Litter campaign. From reporting hot spot areas for dog fouling or fly tipping, through to adopting an area and becoming a community clear-up hero, you can get involved and find out more on our Chichester District Council Against Litter campaign page&nbsp

Best Wishes

Cllr Jonathan Brown

Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Environment Strategy at Chichester District Council