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Bulky bag service terms and conditions

This Agreement is made between the resident ('the Customer') and Chichester District Council ('the Council'). By paying for and using the Council's bulky bag service ('the Service'), you as the Customer are agreeing to the Council's terms and conditions as follows:  

1. Bulky Bag delivery

The Customer has agreed to pay the Council for the purchase, delivery and collection of a bulky bag.

Once payment is received, the Council aim to deliver the bulky bag to the Customer within 5 working days. Bag deliveries do not take place at weekends or bank holidays. Discounts are not applied if the bag is collected directly from the Council's depot office.

All bulky bags shown on the Council's website are subject to availability. If the bulky bag ordered by the Customer is not available, the Council will try to offer the Customer a substitute bulky bag of equal or larger size. If this happens, the Council will contact the Customer and give the Customer the option to reconfirm or cancel their order.

2. Taking care of the bag

The bulky bag is very strong but may be weakened if damaged and is intended for single use only and cannot be reused or replaced. The Customer should check the bag after unpacking it and avoid puncturing or tearing it during use. Customers who find their bag damaged on arrival should contact the Council within 5 working days of receipt of the bag.  Do not use the bag to dispose of sharp objects, hot ashes or anything that may penetrate it. Please also refer to Section 4 'Filling the bag'.  

3. Positioning the bag

The bulky bag must be placed at the edge of the boundary / end of driveway of the property for collection, and no further than 2.5 metres from the kerbside edge. Position the bag before starting to fill it as it may not be possible to move it later and any attempt to do so may result in damage to the bag or causing injury to persons.

Please also note that collections will be carried out by a large lorry which is 12 tonnes in weight and 7 metres in length. The vehicle requires at least 4 metre clear width to ensure the bag can be accessed and the vehicle's supporting arms can be safely positioned. The vehicle will not drive on block paving as it may cause damage, and our equipment cannot lift the bag if the vehicle is positioned on a slope or incline. The bag must be well clear of any walls, trees, parked cars, overhead telephone / electricity wires or anything else that might obstruct the operation of the crane. The vehicle's lifting equipment must have a 7 metre minimum height clearance from ground level. 

Customers who have any concerns regarding access should contact the Council before placing their order.

Customers should ensure they have the landowner's permission before positioning the bulky bag, this includes public highways, pavements or verges. Advice surrounding public highways can be found here:   

Should access to the bulky bag be restricted and the Council be unable to collect the bulky bag, a charge may be incurred by the Customer to accommodate an alternative collection vehicle and / or the Customer may be required to purchase additional bag(s) and decant the material in order to safely move the bag to an acceptable position for recollection. Where it is not possible for the Council to offer an alternative arrangement, the Customer will need to make their own arrangement for disposal and a refund will not be given.

4. Filling the bag

Distribute the waste and its weight evenly and do not overload or fill the bag above the top edge. The maximum weight allowance per bag is:

  • Medium size (L90 x W90 x H90 cm) - 1 tonne
  • Large size (L180 x W90 x H75 cm) - 1.5 tonne
  • Mega size (L244 x 152 x 100 cm) - 1.5 tonne

Only non-hazardous waste arising from residential or commercial premises can be placed in the bulky bag. Non-hazardous waste may include furniture, tiles, garden waste, DIY waste and kitchen waste. Bulky bags will not be emptied in the following circumstances:

  • If the bulky bag contains any hazardous material or specialist waste. Examples include (but are not limited to):
    • asbestos,
    • batteries,
    • car engines or tyres,
    • clinical waste including syringes or needles,
    • creosote, or the cans or containers that have contained these products,
    • electrical appliances either large or small including televisions or computer screens,
    • fluorescent tubes,
    • food waste,
    • fridges or freezers,
    • human / animal waste,
    • Japanese Knotweed,
    • liquid waste of any nature including liquid chemicals e.g., brake fluid, print toner, solvents, pesticides,
    • mattresses,
    • oil, petrol, diesel, grease, or lead-based paints; or the cans or containers that have contained any of these products,
    • plasterboard,
    • pressurised containers e.g., gas bottles,
    • upholstered items (with textile or foam upholstery) including armchairs, beanbags, cushions, divan beds, futon mattresses, headboards, office chairs, kitchen / dining chairs, sofas, sofa beds, stools / foot stools.
  • If the bulky bag is too heavy to be lifted by the collection vehicle or if there is a perceived risk of the bag tearing upon lifting and therefore cannot safely be collected by the collection vehicle.
  • If the bulky bag is overflowing and there is a perceived risk of debris falling out of the bag during lifting and therefore cannot safely be collected by the collection vehicle.
  • If the bulky bag contains materials that exceed the height of the sides of the bag.

If a bulky bag is not collected for these reasons, then the Customer must rectify the problem and contact the Council to arrange another collection at the Customer's expense. The Council accepts no liability for bulky bags used for any purpose other than for the collection of non-hazardous or specialist waste arising from residential or commercial premises. Customers use the bulky bags at their own risk.

Customers who have any concerns regarding what can and cannot be placed in the bulky bag, should contact the Council before placing their order.

5. Collection Arrangements

The Council's prepaid bag and collection service is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. The price is valid throughout this whole period. Collection of the bulky bag must take place within 6 months of purchase as the Council is unable to offer collections of bulky bags purchased more than 6 months ago. If a Customer does not have their bag collected within 6 months of purchase, they will need to pay for a new bulky bag which will be charged at the current bulky bag rates.

The Council will only collect bags purchased via the Service and will not accept any excess / side waste. The Council aims to collect all bulky bags within 5 working days of a collection request being made via our website. Bulky bags must be positioned in accordance with Section 3 - Positioning the Bag. The Council reserves the right to refuse collection if:

  • a bag is positioned beyond the reach of the collection vehicle,
  • the collection vehicle would need to drive onto block paving,
  • the crane operation is obstructed / would be unsafe to use,
  • the Council's collection team cannot gain access to the site,
  • the bag is overloaded, overfilled, damaged or contains any hazardous material or specialist waste (refer to section 4 'Filling the bag' above).

The Council will attempt to make collections without any disruption however will not be held liable if it is necessary to block the road while providing the service. The Council are also unable to collect from roads with a speed limit in excess of 30 mile per hour or where traffic management is required.

Collections will be undertaken anytime between 6.00am and 2.00pm Monday to Friday. We are unable to offer a dedicated day or time slot. Please note any restrictions that may apply to the collection site e.g., no parking, no waiting etc. must be clearly noted at point of requesting a collection.

6. Charges

The cost of the Service and payment method are outlined on the Council's website and is inclusive of VAT: . The prepaid Service includes delivery and collection, and payment will be collected at point of order. Any additional payments required must be made in advance of the collection.

7. Cancellation and Refunds

The Customer must contact the Council if they wish to cancel the Service. A full refund will be provided if the Council receives notification within 14 working days of the Customer receiving these terms and conditions (the date of your bulky bag purchase) and a refund will only be made if the bulky bag is returned unused, to our office at: Chichester Contract Services, Stane Street, Westhampnett, Chichester, PO18 0NS. 

Bulky bags can only be returned to the above address between 8.30am and 4:00pm Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays).

Refunds will not be made after 14 working days of the purchase or where the bulky bag has been used. All bags supplied for the Service are your property; charges will apply for replacement of lost, damaged or additional bags. Our prepaid bag and collection service is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. The price is valid throughout this whole period.  Customers will not be able to request collections of bulky bags outside of this time frame and instead will need to purchase a new bag.  

If it is not possible to collect the bulky bag due to circumstances beyond the Council's control including without limitation, adverse weather, strikes or other industrial action or vehicle / equipment breakdown, the Council will contact the Customer to advise of the next available collection date. Refunds will only be given if the Council are unable to offer a rescheduled collection within 14 working days.

However, if the bulky bag is inaccessible or the Service is misused as outlined in sections 3, 4 and 5 of these terms and conditions, the Council reserves the right to refuse collection where it is not practicable or safe to do so and a refund will not be made.

8. Promotional offers

Bulky Bag service promotional discount:

  • A promotional discount will be applied by the Council to online applications only when a valid discount code is entered by the Customer at point of purchase.
  • The promotional discount applies for the specified purchase only.
  • The Council has the right to withdraw the promotional discount at any time.

9. Privacy

By using this Service, the Customer consents to the Council using the Customer's data including address and telephone number in the performance of this Agreement and consents to the Council using such details to contact the Customer in relation to the provisions of this Service.

The Council will apply reasonable care to treat personal data appropriately as required by the GDPR.

10. Queries or Complaints

Any queries or informal complaints concerning the Service should be directed to the Waste and Recycling Team in the first instance who can be contacted via:

Customers who aren't satisfied with the response from the Waste and Recycling team or who wish to raise a formal complaint may use the Council's complaints procedure, details which are found on the Council's website via:   

Updated July 2023