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Midhurst Fire update

Thursday (16 March) was a harrowing and challenging day for the people of Midhurst following the hotel fire on North Street and our thoughts are with all of those affected.

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Our staff were on hand to provide a rest centre for those affected. We also assisted those who had been displaced and are continuing to do so.

Yesterday and today, our Economic Development Officers managed to talk to 22 local businesses affected by the fire to see what assistance they may need. A recovery group is being set up and we are liaising with West Sussex County Council to see what support can be provided.

West Sussex Council is responsible for the road closure and will be posting updates on the West Sussex Highways Twitter page (opens new window). They have also provided an update on access in North Street and the Angel Hotel. (opens new window) 

Unfortunately, our waste and recycling crews are unable to gain access to those properties affected by the road closure at the current time. They have advised that if bins haven't been collected then we will attempt to recollect them as soon as North Street has been reopened. If you are affected by this, we would urge you to download our Chichester District Council app, which provides personalised notifications and updates, so that you can keep updated on the very latest position. We are liaising with West Sussex Fire and Rescue to find out when we will likely to be able to gain access.

We are also doing all we can to assist those businesses that use our waste and recycling service. Those in the exclusion zone have had their account put on hold so that they are not charged during this period. Other businesses may experience some disruption due to access reasons and we will intend to do the very best we can to find ways around this. However, if any businesses are concerned, we would encourage them to contact us by emailing: The situation is evolving and you can be assured that we are adapting our plans accordingly. Thank you for your understanding.

Date: 17 March 2023