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We have advertising on our website. The income we receive from advertising will help us deliver and improve our services.

Design guidelines

Advertising banners are no different in our commitment towards web accessibility. When designing and presenting advertising banners, we make every effort to ensure we consider those with:

  • physical impairment
  • visual impairment
  • hearing impairment
  • motor impairment
  • cognitive disability
  • selective disturbance.

We avoid:

  • using cursive scripts/fonts
  • using uppercase text
  • drop shadows on logos or text
  • the use of email addresses and phone numbers
  • using italics or underlining text which may be misinterpreted as links
  • duplicating campaign banners in the advertising space
  • animation.

We ensure:

  • all banners Include alt (alternative) text on images. All relevant text on a banner should be replicated within the alt text.
  • we do not use acronyms, unless they are widely known
  • titles are meaningful
  • colour contrast between text and backgrounds meet Government Digital Service (GDS) accessibility guidelines. 

Banner sizes

We produce all our Chichester District Council banners using the following specifications:

  • Desktop image size is 720 pixels by 81 pixels
    • Heading text 34pt
    • Description text 24pt
    • Description text character limit of 65 (including spaces)
  • Tablet image size is 520 pixels by 65px pixels
    • Heading text 24pt
    • Description text 16pt
    • Description text character limit of 50 (including spaces)
  • Mobile image size is 320 pixels by 40 pixels
    • Heading text 22pt