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Make sure all links are provided in context, at the point in the content at which they're useful.

Writing link text

When writing a link, make it descriptive and front-load it with relevant terms instead of using something generic like 'click here' or 'more'.

  • Link text should be relevant and meaningful such as 'Reporting a pothole'
  • Links should be descriptive so they make sense in isolation
  • Check all links work and go to the correct internal or external web page
  • You can add links anywhere in body text, but not in titles, summaries or subheadings
  • Three to six words is often a good length for a link. Do not link whole lines or multiple lines.

Friendly URLs

A friendly URL is a website address which is easy to read, and includes helpful words which describes the content on a web page. This type of URL can:

  • help visitors to remember a website address.
  • help describe the page to search engines and improve search engine optimisation.
  • help advertise internal web pages which appear in print. 

If you require a friendly URL please make a formal request to the Web team.

External links

We consider linking to other websites if we believe the link will help a customer complete a task. 

  • For accessibility, it is important that our users know when a link is external before they click it. This is shown by adding a symbol directly after the link
  • All links open in the same browser window
  • Link titles should make sense when read out-of-context
  • When considering whether to link to another website check our hyperlinking policy
  • All links (internal/external) are managed by our Web Content Management System. Therefore, if a link breaks we are able to fix it immediately

Contact information

Reduce avoidable contact by answering questions in the content of your web pages

  • Use a team or generic email address for contact information
  • Do not use individual staff phone numbers or email addresses unless you have permission from a Divisional Manager. 

How to display links

We have three ways to display a link on our website:

  • within a sentence
  • within a box displayed directly under a specific paragraph
  • within a box positioned at the bottom of a page

You cannot add a link to a title, heading or subheading.