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Tangmere strategic development location

Chichester District Council (Tangmere) (No 2) Compulsory Purchase Order 2023

Inquiry update

The council has now received the Inspector's decision. The Chichester District Council (Tangmere) Compulsory Purchase Order 2023 has been confirmed subject to the modifications to remove references to Plots 9, 9A and 9B in Table 1 and Table 2 of the Schedule to the Order. The amendment of the Order Map so that Plots 9, 9A and 9B are no longer shown as areas shaded in pink. 

The Inspector's decision is available to view:

Chichester CPO Decision (PDF) [184KB]

The council has published the Notice of Confirmation for a 6 week period from 2 May 2024. The notice can be found in the Chichester Observer (date 2 May 2024), on the land, and hard copies can be inspected at the council offices at East Pallant House. For council office opening times, please view the Notice of Confirmation. The Confirmed Order and map are also available to view:

General Site Notice Tangmere CPO2 - Form 10 Notice of Confirmation (PDF) [1MB]

Chichester District Council (Tangmere) (No 2) CPO 2023 - with plan (PDF) [13MB]

Public Inquiry

A public inquiry to consider the Compulsory Purchase Order was held on 12 and 13 December 2023. The Inquiry Documents are available to view below.

Inquiry Documents List
Inquiry document numberInquiry document 
ID/1 ID-1 Virtual Pre Inquiry Meeting Agenda (Word doc) [35KB]
ID/2 ID-2 Tangmere Pre Inquiry Meeting Notes (PDF) [128KB]
ID/3 ID-3 Public Notice of Inquiry (Word doc) [98KB]
ID/4 ID/4.7 Objection Status Tracker (Word doc) [28KB]
ID/5 ID/5 Compliance letter to PINS (PDF) [6MB]
ID/6 ID/6 Pre-Inquiry Note (Word doc) [15KB]
ID/7 ID/7 Provisional Timetable (Word doc) [13KB]
ID/8 ID/8 CDC Undertakings to Bosham and Shopwyke (PDF) [1MB]

Acquiring authority's evidence

Acquiring Authority's Evidence Documents
Document numberDocument
AA.POE.1 AA.POE.1 Proof of Evidence of Andrew Frost (PDF) [340KB]
AA.APP.1 AA.APP.1 Appendix AF1 to the Proof of Andrew Frost (PDF) [340KB]
AA.SPOE.1 AA.SPOE.1 Summary Proof of Andrew Frost (PDF) [126KB]
AA.POE.2 AA.POE.2 Proof of Evidence of Hannah Chivers (PDF) [263KB]
AA.SPOE.2 AA.SPOE.2 Summary Proof of Hannah Chivers (PDF) [117KB]
AA.RPOE.1 AA.RPOE.1 Rebuttal Proof of Hannah Chivers (PDF) [107KB]
AA.APP.5 AA.APP.5 Appendix HC1 to the Rebuttal Proof of Hannah Chivers (PDF) [6MB]
AA.APP.6 AA.APP.6 Appendix HC2 to the Rebuttal Proof of Hannah Chivers (PDF) [545KB]
AA.APP.7 AA.APP.7 Appendix HC3 to the Rebuttal Proof of Hannah Chivers (PDF) [627KB]
AA.POE.3 AA.POE.3 Proof of Evidence of Martin Leach (PDF) [317KB]
AA.APP.2 AA.APP.2 Appendix ML1 to the Proof of Martin Leach (PDF) [1MB]
AA.APP.3 AA.APP.3 Appendix ML2 to the Proof of Martin Leach (PDF) [1MB]
AA.POE.4 AA.POE.4 Proof of Evidence of Peter Roberts (PDF) [972KB]
AA.APP.4 AA.APP.4 Appendix PR1 to the Proof of Peter Roberts (PDF) [9MB]
AA.SPOE.3 AA.SPOE.3 Summary Proof of Peter Roberts (PDF) [222KB]
AA.RPOE.2 AA.RPOE.2 Rebuttal Proof of Peter Roberts (PDF) [333KB]
AA.SPROE.1 AA.SRPOE.1 Supplementary Rebuttal of Peter Roberts (PDF) [240KB]
AA.APP.8 AA.APP.8 Appendix PR1 to Supplementary Rebuttal of Peter Roberts (PDF) [300KB]

Objector's evidence

Objector's Evidence Documents
Document numberDocument
OBJ.1.POE.1 OBJ-1-POE-1 Proof of Evidence of John Wolfenden (Word doc) [4MB]
OBJ.3.POE.1 OBJ-3-POE-1 Proof of Evidence of Matthew Rees (Word doc) [84KB]
OBJ.4.POE.1 OBJ-4-POE-1 Proof of Evidence of Terry Pickering_Redacted (PDF) [3MB]
OBJ.5.POE.1 OBJ-5-POE-1 Proof of Evidence of Paula Riches_Redacted (PDF) [1MB]
OBJ.15.RPOE.1 OBJ.15.RPOE.1 Rebuttal Proof of Evidence of Matthew Bodley (PDF) [565KB]
OBJ.15.APP.1 OBJ.15.APP.1 Appendix MB1 to the Rebuttal Proof of Matthew Bodley (PDF) [1MB]
OBJ.15.APP.2 OBJ.15.APP.2 Appendix MB2 to the Rebuttal Proof of Matthew Bodley (PDF) [679KB]
OBJ.15.APP.3 OBJ.15.APP.3 Appendix MB3 to the Rebuttal Proof of Matthew Bodley (PDF) [7MB]
OBJ.15.APP.4 OBJ.15.APP.4 Appendix MB4 to the Rebuttal Proof of Matthew Bodley (PDF) [38MB]
OBJ.15.APP.5 OBJ.15.APP.5 Appendix MB5 to the Rebuttal Proof of Matthew Bodley (PDF) [11MB]
OBJ.15.SPOE.1 OBJ15.SPOE.1 Summary Proof of Matthew Bodley (PDF) [309KB]

Withdrawal of objections

Withdrawal of Objection Document List
Document NumberDocument
OBJ.1.WO OBJ1.WO.1 Withdrawal of Objection of J_M Wolfenden_Redacted (PDF) [381KB]
OBJ.3.WO.1 OBJ3.WO.1 Withdrawal of Objection of M Rees_Redacted (PDF) [325KB]
OBJ.4.WO.1 OBJ4.WO.1 Withdrawal of Objection of SMTL (PDF) [459KB]
OBJ.5.WO.1 OBJ5.WO.1 Withdrawal of Objection of P Riches_Redacted (PDF) [330KB]
OBJ.6.WO.1 OBJ6.WO.1 Withdrawal of Objection of C_B Ayton_Redacted (PDF) [378KB]
OBJ.7.WO.1 OBJ7.WO.1 Withdrawal of Objection of C Craig_Redacted (PDF) [375KB]
OBJ.8.WO.1 OBJ8.WO.1 Withdrawal of Objection of L Davey_Redacted (PDF) [368KB]
OBJ.9.WO.1 OBJ9.WO.1 Withdrawal of Objection of S John_Redacted (PDF) [385KB]
OBJ.10.WO.1 OBJ10.WO.1 Withdrawal of Objection of A_O Gale_Redacted (PDF) [372KB]
OBJ.11.WO.1 OB11.WO.1 Withdrawal of Objection of Woodhorn Group (PDF) [27KB]
OBJ.12.WO.1 OBJ12.WO.1 Withdrawal of Objection of Rendall_Hutchinson_Redacted (PDF) [379KB]
OBJ.13.WO.1 OBJ13.WO.1 Withdrawal of Objection of CC Projects (PDF) [709KB]
OBJ.14.WO.1 OBJ14.WO.1 Withdrawal of Objection of Dr Alice Rebecca Chishick (Word doc) [78KB]
OBJ.15.WO.1 OBJ15.WO.1 Withdrawal of Bosham and Shopwyke (PDF) [107KB]
OBJ.16.WO.1 OBJ16.WO.1 Withdrawal of Objection of M Mills_Redacted (PDF) [366KB]
OBJ.17.WO.1 OBJ17.WO.1 Withdrawal of Objection of K Ternan_Redacted (PDF) [499KB]
OBJ.18.WO.1 OBJ18.WO.1 Withdrawal of Objection of Pitts Family (PDF) [94KB]
OBJ.20.WO.1 OBJ20.WO.1 Withdrawal of Objections - Tangmere Medical Centre Freeholders (PDF) [507KB]


List of Objections received
Objection NumberDocument
OBJ1 OBJ1 John Moira Wolfenden Redacted (PDF) [9MB]
OBJ2 OBJ2 Julie Warwick Redacted (PDF) [445KB]
OBJ3 OBJ3 Matthew Rees Redacted (PDF) [944KB] OBJ3 Rees Supporting Documents (PDF) [3MB]
OBJ4 OBJ4 Saxon Meadow Tangmere Ltd (PDF) [323KB]
OBJ5 OBJ5 Paula Riches Redacted (PDF) [633KB]
OBJ6 OBJ6 Coleen Ayton Redacted (PDF) [458KB]
OBJ7 OBJ7 Adele Cliff Redacted (PDF) [453KB]
OBJ8 OBJ8 Lindsay Davey Redacted (PDF) [453KB]
OBJ9 OBJ9 Susan John Redacted (PDF) [627KB]
OBJ10 OBJ10 Alison Gale Redacted (PDF) [632KB]
OBJ11 OBJ11 Woodhorn Group (PDF) [14KB]
OBJ12 OBJ12 Elspeth Rendall Jamie Hutchinson Redacted (PDF) [10MB]
OBJ13 OBJ13 CC Projects (PDF) [163KB]
OBJ14 OBJ14 Alice Chishick The Medical Centre (PDF) [95KB]
OBJ15 OBJ15 Bosham and Shopwyke Limited (PDF) [1017KB]
OBJ16 OBJ16 Morag Mills Redacted (PDF) [1MB]
OBJ17 OBJ17 Kathy Ternan (Word doc) [32KB]
OBJ18 OBJ18 Pitts Family (PDF) [188KB]
OBJ19 OBJ19 Laura Plain Redacted (PDF) [450KB]
OBJ20 OBJ20 Tangmere Medical Centre Freeholders (PDF) [98KB]
OBJ21 OBJ21 Thelma Stone Redacted (PDF) [525KB]

Statement of case 

On 24 August 2023, the Council submitted its Statement of Case to the Planning Inspectorate. The Statement of Case and its appendices can be viewed below. 

Tangmere (No 2) AAs Statement of Case (Without Appendices) (PDF) [1MB]

SOC Appendix 1 Tangmere (No 2) Compulsory Purchase Order 2023 (PDF) [441KB]

SOC Appendix 2 Tangmere (No 2) Compulsory Purchase Order 2023 Map (PDF) [6MB]

SOC Appendix 3 Core Documents List (Word doc) [47KB]

SOC Appendix 4 Viability Assessment dated 3 March 2023 (PDF) [30MB]

SOC Appendix 5 - Development Agreement and Supplemental Agreements (PDF) [11MB]

The Statement of Case references a number of Core Documents, which are available to view below. 

Core Document List
Core document numberCore Document
CD/0 Core Documents List (Word doc) [48KB]
CD/1 1. Tangmere (No 2) Compulsory Purchase Order 2023 (PDF) [441KB]
CD/2 2. Tangmere (No 2) Compulsory Purchase Order 2023 Map (PDF) [6MB]
CD/3 3. Tangmere (No 2) CPO Statement of Reasons (PDF) [290KB]
CD/4 4. Specimen Press Notice (PDF) [491KB]
CD/5 5. Specimen Notice of Making of the Order served on Owners (Form 8) (PDF) [95KB]
CD/6 6. Specimen Site Notice advertising Making of the Order (Form 7) (PDF) [91KB]
CD/7 7. Cabinet Report to Full Council and Resolutions 21 March 2023 (PDF) [220KB]
CD/8 8. Compulsory Purchase and the Crichel Down Rules_ Guidance, MHCLG, July 2019 (PDF) [2MB]
CD/9 9. National Planning Policy Framework (July 2021) (PDF) [552KB]
CD/10 10. Adopted Local Plan (PDF) [11MB]
CD/11 11. Emerging Local Plan (Regulation 19) (PDF) [5MB]
CD/12 12. EqIA, EqIA Addenda and PSED Statement (PDF) [3MB]
CD/13 13. Chichester District Council (Tangmere) Compulsory Purchase Order 2020 and Map (PDF) [8MB]
CD/14 14. Inspector_s Decision dated 11 November 2021 (PDF) [238KB]

15. Tangmere (No 2) AA’s Statement of Case (Without Appendices) (PDF) [1MB]

See above for appendices

CD/16 16. TSDL Masterplan Document November 2019 (PDF) [16MB]
CD/17 17. Planning Committee Public Reports Pack 31032021 Update_Sheet (PDF) [2MB]
CD/18 18. Minutes for 31 March 2021 and 7 April 2021 Planning Committee (PDF) [720KB]
CD/19 19. Report to Planning Committee 16 August 2023 (Pp. 1-7, 25-68) and Update Sheet (PDF) [1MB]
CD/20 20. Minutes for Planning Committee 16 August 2023 (PDF) [108KB]
CD/21 SOC Appendix 4 Viability Assessment dated 3 March 2023 (PDF) [30MB]
CD/22 SOC Appendix 5 - Development Agreement and Supplemental Agreements (PDF) [11MB]
CD/23 23. Viability Assessment provided by Knight Frank dated January_July 2020 (PDF) [5MB]
CD/24 24. MOU dated 30 July 2020 (PDF) [1MB]

Making the order

On 30 March 2023 the Council made the Chichester District Council (Tangmere) (No 2) Compulsory Purchase Order 2023 in order to secure a small further area of land required for access to the SDL from the A27. The Order documents are available to view:

Chichester District Council (Tangmere) (No 2) Compulsory Purchase Order 2023 (Word doc) [401KB]

Chichester District Council (Tangmere) (No 2) Compulsory Purchase Order 2023 - Map (Word doc) [11MB]

Statement of Reasons (Word doc) [121KB]

For anyone unable to view the documents online, electronic or hard copies can be provided to you upon request by emailing

A hard copy of the order and of the accompanying map is available for inspection at the council offices at East Pallant House, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 1TY by prior appointment between the hours of 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday. Please contact Customer Services on to make an appointment.

Any objection to the order must be made in writing to the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, Planning Casework Unit, 23 Stephenson Street, Birmingham, B2 4BH or by email to: before 5 May 2023 and should state the title of the order, the grounds of objection and the objector's address and interests in the land.


The Tangmere Strategic Development Location (TSDL) is allocated in Policy 18 of the adopted Chichester Local Plan: Key Policies 2014-2029, to deliver a:

  • residential-led,
  • mixed-use development comprising residential dwellings,
  • an expanded village centre,
  • community facilities,
  • education facilities,
  • open space,
  • and green infrastructure 

Policy 7 (Masterplanning Strategic Development) in the adopted Local Plan requires that all of the Strategic Development Locations are comprehensively masterplanned. The 'made' Tangmere Neighbourhood Plan identifies a specific set of strategic development principles for the development of the site, with a "one-village" aspiration to integrate the new development with the existing village.

These documents identify various infrastructure requirements that the TSDL is expected to deliver, both on and off-site, including (amongst others) an on-site primary school and early years' provision; new or expanded community facilities; small-scale business uses; a north-south link road joining the A27 grade separated junction to the north with Tangmere Road to the south; provision for enhanced bus services; and new public open space provision.

The council has sought to encourage delivery of comprehensive development of the TSDL by the existing landowners over a number of years, but no material progress has been made. As a result of the lack of progress made to deliver the site comprehensively, the council has sought to make use of its compulsory purchase powers.

Compulsory purchase order

Under Section 226(1)(a) of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended), a local authority may be authorised to acquire compulsorily any land within its area, if it considers that the acquisition will facilitate the carrying out of development, redevelopment of improvement on or in relation to the land. Compulsory purchase powers are an important tool to help acquiring authorities with planning powers to assemble land where this is necessary to implement proposals within its Local Plan or where strong planning justifications for the use of the power exists.

The council's purpose in acquiring the land is to facilitate and bring comprehensive strategic housing development on the TSDL, in order to ensure certainty over the delivery of the requisite infrastructure requirements.

Through a competitive tender process, Countryside Properties (UK) Ltd (Countryside) was selected as the council's development partner to bring forward and facilitate the residential-led development of the TSDL.


In accordance with a strategy agreed by the council, Countryside has sought to acquire the various interests in the land by agreement, and will continue to do so in parallel with any CPO made by the council.

The council has prepared a Tangmere Communications and Engagement Plan which sets out the council intends to continue to engage with parties through the CPO process and the planning process.

Guidance on compulsory purchase and compensation

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government has prepared guidance for the compulsory purchase process, which is available below. Guidance is also available which explains how the compulsory purchase system works, and the compensation process 14514

MHCLG Compulsory purchase system guidance (opens new window)

MHCLG Guidance on compulsory purchase and The Crichel Down Rules (opens new window)

Planning matters

A Planning Performance Agreement (PPA) between the council and Countryside was signed on 15 May 2019. The PPA provides for the provision of pre-application advice, masterplan preparation and the timely consideration of an outline planning application for the TSDL.

The Masterplan for the TSDL was endorsed by the council's Planning Committee on 8 January 2020.The Masterplan can be viewed on the council's planning applications webpage, using the planning reference 19/02836/MAS.

The Outline Planning Application was submitted to the council in November 2020 and was presented to Planning Committee on 31 March 2021 where Members agreed with the Officer's recommendation to grant outline permission subject to withdrawal of Highways England technical holding objection, and subjection to completion of the Section 106 Agreement. The Outline Application can be viewed on the council's planning applications webpage, using the planning reference 20/02893/OUT.

Search planning applications (opens new window)


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