Each year the Electoral Services department sends a Household Enquiry form to every household in the district. These list the eligible electors currently registered at that address.

The annual canvass has been reformed this year to enable less paper to be sent out and encourage an online response. All household details were sent for verification to the Department of working pensions (DWP). If we hold an elector email address and the property details matched the DWP records, you will receive an email to confirm the details are correct or make any necessary changes. If a response is not received, the household will receive a the letter in the post detailing who is registered, this letter does not require a response unless you need to make any changes.

Emails have now been sent out, please note the response date of 30 July was dated in error. If you do not respond by this date a letter will be sent, your details will not be removed.

If a household was unable to be matched against DWP data, then normal canvass forms will be sent to the property that will require a response. Emails will not be sent to those with unmatched details.

Responding online

You can respond by following the details that are printed on the enquiry forms and email and going to the online portal provided by Civica Express Household Response Service and following the step by step instructions. The online service allows you to add an elector, delete an elector and make name changes. you can also request a postal vote and opt out of the open register. Once you have responded online, there is no need to return your enquiry form.

Respond by telephone

By phoning: Freephone 0800 197 9871 (24 hours), with your security codes that are printed on the enquiry forms. The telephone service is only available for no changes to the details on the form. Once you have responded using the telephone service, there is no need to return your enquiry form.