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Adopt an Area

Against Litter Midhurst

It's incredible what people drop on our streets, throw out of their cars, leave behind on the beach, dump on the Downs and cast away at our harbours.

We are encouraging everyone living in the Chichester District to share responsibility for cutting down on litter in their neighbourhood. That's why we introduced the Adopt an Area scheme to encourage everyone to take a pride in where they live and the places they enjoy.

Whether you are a resident, community group, school or business you can take part in our Adopt an Area scheme. The area you adopt can be as small as the pavement outside your home, a favourite footpath, play area, village or shop frontage — all we ask is that you keep that space litter free.

The scheme is simple. You decide on the area you wish to adopt and then sign up to our Adopt an Area scheme. This would be a commitment to one or more of the following:

  • encouraging people to take pride in their local area.
  • reporting any problems to us, such as fly tipping, extensive littering or continuous issues of dog fouling in your local area.
  • helping to keep the area clean by getting involved in, or organising, community clear ups.

We will then send you our Adopt an Area pack to help you:

  • plan your activities
  • manage health and safety
  • get people involved, and
  • find out how our Against Litter team can help you.

For example, we can loan you a litter picking kit and arrange for your litter bags to be removed. You can also download our promotional pack including  posters, postcards and a litter invitation card for you to print out from this page to help promote the Against Litter campaign and any events you may choose to organise.

We're not asking you to do our job for us. Instead, we are asking for your support and to be our eyes and ears in your local community. We look after one of the largest districts in the country - covering an area of 303 square miles. With us all working together, we can make a difference and ensure our district remains beautiful for everyone who lives, works and visits here.

Sign up to request your Adopt an Area pack

To find out more about how other individuals, communities and businesses are helping us in our campaign against litter find visit our community heroes page. To report fly tipping and litter hot spots, or to let us know about your community litter hero please go to our Against Litter page.