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Unique Property Reference Numbers

What are UPRNs?

The Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) is the unique identifier for every addressable location in Great Britain. It is not the same as a council tax reference number. An addressable location may be any kind of building, or it may be an object that might not have a 'normal' address - such as a bus shelter or an electricity substation for example. UPRNs provide every property (or object) with a consistent 12-digit identifier throughout its lifecycle, from planning through to demolition. For example the UPRN for Chichester District council's main East Pallant House offices is 100062410143.

Who allocates UPRNs?

UPRNs are allocated by local authorities including Chichester District Council and by Ordnance Survey (OS). Local authorities have the statutory permission to name and number every street and property in Great Britain and also allocate UPRNs to other objects. At CDC we allocate new UPRNs when a property has been officially named and numbered or when there is a new planning application.

Why do we need UPRNs?

Unique and authoritative, the UPRN is like a National Insurance number for physical objects. Everything in Great Britain can be identified with a UPRN. Many technologies can be used to share the UPRN, including spreadsheets, databases, XML/GML schema and linked data. Groups already using the UPRN include local and central government bodies, the emergency services, insurance providers, and utility companies.

How do I find a UPRN?

FindMyAddress enables members of the public to search for and obtain the official address and UPRN of every address in England, Scotland and Wales and view its location on a map. It utilises Ordnance Survey's AddressBase® Premium dataset and is for personal, non-commercial use only. Users can perform up to 30 searches every day, free of charge.

Reporting a Query

In order to report a missing UPRN, one that no longer exists or an incorrect address please report using FindMyAddress. If you wish to change the name or address of your property please contact Street naming and numbering. (opens new window)

Find My Street (FMS)

FindMyStreet shows every street the National Street Gazetteer covering England and Wales. It tells you where a street is, what its official name is, the maintenance responsibility of that street and also, importantly, shows the Unique Street Reference Number (USRN). The data in FMS is the data that is created and maintained by local authorities. It is made available for personal/ non-commercial use, but is free of charge to all. (opens new window)