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Street care and cleaning

Under the Environment Protection Act 1990 the council is responsible for keeping the highway free of litter and debris. This is achieved by:

Scheduled Litter Picking of:

  • 259 km of footpaths and alleyways per year
  • 103 lay-bys every week
  • 15,576 km of highways in built up areas per year
  • rural areas four times per year
  • urban areas daily to weekly
  • residential areas as necessary

Scheduled Sweeping of:

  • 124 km of cycle tracks per year
  • 13,361 km of highways in built up areas per year
  • channelled rural and residential areas every 16 weeks
  • channelled urban areas every 4 weeks

Report a street cleaning problem

Litter and Dog Waste Bins:

  • the provision and emptying of over 220 dog waste bins and 650 litter bins

Report a damaged litter bin

Clearance of Fly Tips:

  • fly tips found by the street cleaning crews
  • fly tips reported by the public

If you would like information about when a road is due to be swept, please contact our Waste and Recycling team.

If you would like to be involved with a litter pick or spring clean in your area please contact your Parish Council or Residents Association.

Problems regarding road surface, drainage, verge maintenance, road signs and lighting maintenance should be referred to West Sussex County Highways.

Report fly tipping
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