The Preferred Approach version of the Chichester Local Plan Review was published for consultation from 13 December 2018 to 7 February 2019.

You can now view the consultation documents and all representations made via our consultation portal.

All representations will now be carefully considered. Further work may also be required in relation to the evidence base before we can move forward to the submission version of the Local Plan Review. This had been scheduled for July but is likely to be delayed until later in the year. Once we have more details we will publish an updated timetable as part of a revised Local Development Scheme document.

View the Local Plan Consultation Portal

How to view representations online:

There is no need to login to the system to view representations made, although you can login to view your own representations if preferred.

  • Access the Local Plan Consultation Portal via the button. The Local Plan Review Preferred Approach 2016 - 2035 and related documents can be found under the heading "Draft and Historic Documents". Select the document you wish to view.
  • You will then see the chapter and policy headings for the document in a contents page format.
  • Go straight to the part of the document you are interested in.
  • Click to open, and then click the magnifying glass to view all representation made against that section.

Alternatively, if you prefer to search for comments made by a particular respondent, you can use the search function which you can access via the small black text "Search representations" located just below the login window. Here you can select the document you wish to search and search by respondent, agent, document element (the part of the document such as the chapter, heading or policy), or if you know it, by the representation ID.

Further guidance to viewing representations online can be found here: pdf icon How to view representations online [328kb]

If you have any further queries please contact the Planning Policy Team on 01243 785166 or email