Here you will find the basic legislation and procedures for trees within a conservation area or those covered by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO). If you are considering work to any tree, you should take the following steps:

Trees along a woodland path:

  1. View trees protected under a tree preservation order . Check whether the tree in question is subject to a TPO, is within a conservation area, or is otherwise protected under planning law.
  2. If it is, send the relevant application to our tree officer and do not start work unless consent is granted.
  3. Approach only qualified and reputable tree surgeons, making sure that they are able to carry out the work to British Standard Specification 3998:2010 and that they are fully insured against third party risks.

Applications for tree surgery or felling

To apply for tree surgery or felling please see the planning portal.

Apply for tree works

Tree preservation FAQs